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Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Leprechaun Came to Visit Today

Twas the night before St. Patrick's Day 
when the tiny Leprechaun pants were born. Just a little sparkly green fabric, some gold ric rack and trim and boom. Leprechaun pants the size of your hand. :)

Then, on St. Patrick's Day that leprechaun came to visit our kindergarten classroom. 

And here's the story.

Once upon a time, all the kindergarteners were decked out in green and excited to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. We had heard leprechauns were sneaky and thought there might be some around because of the special day that it was. We'd been looking for them everywhere. We wanted to catch one so we could get him to show us where his gold was!

Just in case he came, we set traps like this one all over our room...
See the gold at the top of the ladder? There's more in the box so when he climbs to the top, he'll see the gold, jump in and then won't be able to get out!

We made signs that we taped to the windows and to our door saying: 
Come on in! Gold inside!
Leprechauns welcome here!

When we came back from music, the room was a mess! Desks were turned over, chairs were everywhere, and there were green footprints on all the tables and walls. 

Alas, there were no leprechauns in any of the traps...

but we did find these.
He got away, but he lost his pants! 
Maybe he heard us coming down the hall and was in such a hurry that they got caught in the window.
There's some of the gold he dropped and his footprints going to the window.
He must have climbed up the pipes to get out. 

He wrote us a note saying that we couldn't trick him and better luck next year. 
At least we got some of his gold. And now he's running around in his underwear.
The End.

I have a video of my kids' reaction to it all. It is truly priceless. They were hysterical.
Here's a great book to read if you're planning to do this.

We read it and afterward, we had great discussions on how to build leprechaun traps, how to outsmart the leprechaun, and how to get his gold! They were really thinking! It was so fun. 

Earlier in the week we wrote about what we would do if we found the leprechaun's gold and made fruit loop rainbows.

They took awhile to make, but they turned out really cute.
You can find the Fruit Loop Rainbow Template here if you want to make them with your kiddos!

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Laura Waters said...

Ok, you have to be the best teacher ever- I would have been so excited if a leprechaun would have visited me when I was in elementary school!!

You are so good!!

Emily H. said...

Chris and I just died laughing at the little pants. So cute! Wish we were still teacher neighbors.

Mary said...

I think that this is the most adorable thing I have ever seen! I know two boys who would have loved it when they were in kintergarten! You are just a phenomenal teacher, Ms. Allie. No wonder they want to hug you!

Lakeshore Cottage Living said...

I love this. Thanks for the giggle. I am going to share this with my kids. And I am going to FOLLOW for more good stuff!

Meredith said...

this is amazing!! i want to do this next year with the kiddos!!

Jocelyn Christensen said...

that is adorable!

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