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Saturday, May 26, 2012

My Favorite Things Thursday on Saturday

Welcome to My Favorite Things Thursday.... not on Thursday...again. 
I really can't seem to get this down. Ha. Last week we obviously didn't have a MFTT post because I was super busy with the end of the school year and then this week hit and it was even crazier. Thursday night was Kindergarten Graduation. Yesterday was the last day. Whew. I love my kinder babies, but this year was definitely the most challenging ever. And those who know me or have heard a few of my stories, know every year in my teaching career has been challenging, but this one sure took the cake. I will always remember and love this class, but I'm glad they're moving on. :) And that my summer is getting closer!!! I have another work week left and then sweet summer is mine. Which also means more blog posts for you. :) YAY!

Without further chatter from me, here's my favorite things that caught my eye this week! 
Melon-Blocked Skirt by Liz and Elizabeth at Simple Simon and Company
Liz and Elizabeth always have the most unique and fun ideas! Love this sweet color block skirt and bow.
Mammarazzi Self Portrait Tips by Delia at Delia Creates
Delia shares so fabulous tips about taking pictures of yourself. I can't wait to try some of her tips and ideas. It's hard to do self portraits!!
Vintage Inspired Tea Party by Kalleen at At Second Street
Kalleen put on the sweetest tea party for her daughter. I had a tea party where we all dressed up in our grandma's clothes and felt really fancy when I was little and it is a fond memory of mine to this day. I'm sure Kalleen's daughter will feel the same. 
Cheesey Shredded Chicken Bites by Kristen at Dine and Dish
Oh my goodness these look incredible. Want them immediately.
Peanut Butter Fudge Coffee Ice Cream Cupcakes by Jessica at How Sweet It Is
OMG. Get in my belly. This is seriously all of my favorite ingredients combined. Jessica is my new favorite person. 
Cars-Inspired Boy Bed by Hani at Craftionary
This is the cutest boys room. Love all the cars print and polka dots.
Tutu and Pointe Shoes Wreath Tutorial by Rachel at Family Ever After
What a great idea for preserving and displaying pointe shoes! I love this idea from Rachel.
Loving this spray paint idea at The Letter 4. Of course I love gold anything. Striped feathers? Yes, please.

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Monday, May 21, 2012

Mr. Lovie's 30th Birthday Party Decor

This past weekend was Mr. Lovie's 30th birthday!! I had a great time planning his little party for him and our friends. There's always more that I wish I could have had time for, but I love the decorations that I did have time to make for the party. 
 Pinterest was a big help with recipes, too, of course. Chocolate Covered Banana Bites and Peanut Butter Brownie Bites were the sweets. My Granny's infamous cheese dip was a big hit, too. 
 The yummy looking cupcakes came from Matt's family party the night before. Mm.
These little cupcake/dessert toppers were too fun to make. I'll share them with you later this week!! 
 I got the idea for these toppers at Kojo Designs' Pretty Parties series. I tweaked a few things. More details later. 

"Prouda you" is something Matt and I say to each other daily for everything...when we're being serious like when he finished his last day of Year 2 of Law school, I said, "Prouda you" or when we're being ridiculous and I'm just sitting on the couch in pajamas and no makeup and he looks over at me and says, "Prouda you...for being so cute" I know, I know...ridiculous. It's from the movie, "October Sky". We've said it to each other ever since that random weekend we watched it together. It had to be a part of his birthday party since 30 is kinda a milestone and he's been working so hard these past few years. 
I attempted to paint the canvas in an ombre blue, and then I cut out letters from fabric and modge podged them on. It's such a quick and simple project. I'm not lying when I say I did it in less than 45 minutes (not counting drying time for the paint or modge podge). I cut a slit in the wrapped box and stuck the canvas in it. The box acted as a stand for it and it sat on our party table. 

 I also made a sweet bunting. And I have to tell you. This is the first time in my life that I have ever drawn large letters like that. I have this uncanny ability to cut out letters (without drawing them first) quickly and well, but I can NEVER write them and make them look good. It took several tries but I did it. Look at me. I'm growing. Check back later for a template for the little flags! 
 And then this beauty is my favorite piece of decor from the party. I followed Kristin of Kojo Designs' directions for the torn fabric garland. LOVE it. While slightly time-consuming, it's so easy and it really can be done in one night. I'm excited to use it for another party, too. I tied the bunting directly to it. and it turned out great! 
 The birthday boy and me enjoyed celebrating his 30th. I hope you had a great weekend, too! Check back soon for the Dessert Topper Tutorials and Tips and the Bunting Template later this week.

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Thursday, May 10, 2012

My Favorite Things Thursday

Welcome to My Favorite Things Thursdays!! 

I found some fabulous stuff this week...Check it out!
I just LOVE the colors and patterns in this print. I'm sure you already know her, but if not, Lara is incredibly talented and everything she does is "Wow" material. You should definitely go browse her site (for hours). Go visit that post to read about how she finds inspiration! 

I seriously love this girl. She has the best quick refashion tutorials all the time. I just love how these red pleated pants turned out by using her Tailor your Trousers tutorial. 

Basic Pocket Tote by Dana at Made
If you read craft blogs, you have to know Dana. I love this tutorial. Dana has a special way of making her tutorials very clear with beautiful pictures at every turn. I squeal a little every time she shows us something new. This basic tote has made it to my to-sew list for sure. 

Uh, these are totally cool. This post links to the tutorial for the earrings (which is such a cool idea!) and then there is another post for the necklace. I like it because it's different and just think how cute it would be if you found a bunch of different buttons and used them?! I'm really excited about the earring tutorial for sure.
Could this baby be any cuter?! Tanya's blog was one of the very first ones I found and got me addicted to reading craft blogs, which eventually led me to creating my own. (Thanks Tanya!) She always has the cutest ideas! And usually they're simple to do, too! I just love this little pom pom headband. It's so sweet. Go get that tutorial! 
This lamp is super cool. Mandi never disappoints. But what I really like about this post is Mandi's thoughts on the difference in being inspired by something you see and using it to create something that is yours and has your voice versus just copying an idea. Good thoughts. Definitely a good read!!
What a great idea, huh?! Found this on Pinterest, of course, and I just had to share. I love ceiling medallions. All of those painted and clustered together look awesome.
And this last post is for the Kinder teachers out there! You are probably winding the year down, as we are and need a special gift for your little ones. This idea from my kinder teammate's blog is great. Use her label and attach it to a small puzzle (Go to the dollar store!!), add a Smartie, and you're done! Easy, cute, and they'll love it. 

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Hope you enjoyed my favorites this week! See you soon!


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Flat Olivia Adventures in Ohio

Hello, all! 
I hope you're having a super week! I've been completely exhausted from school which is why I haven't posted any new crafts. I come home and look at my to-do/to-craft list and collapse on the couch instead. My crazy kiddos have figured out there's not much more school left and they've gone completely bonkers. Seriously, someone save me. :) Ha. 12 days. I can do it. Field Trip tomorrow. Whew.
 In the meantime, my little cousin's kindergarten in Lexington, Kentucky class sent me "Flat Olivia", a flat version of one of my cousin's classmates so I could take her on an adventure here in Dayton, Ohio. If I hadn't been super busy with grad school, I would have taken her to the Air Force museum, but there was no time. To be honest, I held on to her for way too long and need to mail her out asap so school doesn't end before the letter and pictures get there. Oops.
If you are unfamiliar with the fun of "Flat Stanley", the book, it is a treasured story where Stanley gets flattened in his sleep by a bulletin board on his wall. The good part about it, though, is that he can visit his friends by being sent to them in the mail. That is, of course, how "Flat Olivia" got to me! And we went to a Cincinnati Reds game! We took the ferry over (as seen above)...
 And had great seats for Opening Weekend! 
It was a beautiful night. "Flat Olivia" liked it, I think. (And I like her blue nails!)
 I also just had to bring Flat Olivia with me to school so she could meet my kindergarteners. Here she is helping with Calendar Math. 
And again, reading with a new friend. Have you ever received a "Flat Stanley" or a "Flat someone"? What adventures did you go on? I really kinda wanted to sew her some new clothes and take pictures of us crafting together...but I ran out of time. Ha. Next time. 

See you here tomorrow for My Favorite Things Thursday! 

Thursday, May 3, 2012

My Favorite Things Thursday and the Countdown!

Welcome to My Favorite Things Thursday!! 
Last week I announced I am (mostly) done with grad school, and this week, I'm so hyped to say that we only have 16 school days left of this year!! I could not be more excited. While I love my kinder babies always, this group of students has been especially challenging and I am beyond ready for a nice long break (that must and will include lots of pool time where I can read lots of great books). I will miss them though. Today I was called "Mom" twice, I laughed really hard at a student pretending to share his snack with our stuffed animals we have in the room, and another student told me he liked my singing voice after we got finished practicing our kinder graduation song. Sweetness. The end of the year will be bittersweet as always, but I'm still REALLY excited! 

Enjoy my favorite finds around blog land from this week! 
Are you swooning as hard as I am over that quilt? I don't love all quilts, but holy moly, Allison is amazing. Her quilts are always incredible. The colors in this quilt are perfect. If you quilt, she has a pattern for this quilt on her blog! I want to learn.
After I said I don't love all quilts, here's another quilt I really do love. Ashley is so talented. Of course she makes beautiful quilts! She announced that she will be doing a Quilt Along during the month of June...Wonder if I could still join if I have no clue what I'm doing?! Such a pretty quilt and she made it for her sister as a gift. Sweet. Go check it out.
Ok, so it's official. I need to make one of these skirts pronto. I just love them. I've seen a few tutorials around. They're probably all pinned to my Women's Sewing Projects board. I love the purple in Lindsay's. So cute and flattering! 
Urban Duck Hoodie by Laura, Emma and Emma at Craftstorming
Cutest ever. You have to click over and see the rest of these pictures. The duck buttons are so cute and I always love those urban-style hoodies on kids. 
To die for. I'm pretty sure that's what I wrote in the caption when I pinned this. I really want to make this soon. It sounds yummy and it's so pretty, too!!
Coconut and carrot cake?! Mmmmm. And they're mini! Cute! I want to them all.
How great is this idea?! Daune spray painted the chargers with chalkboard paint and then personalized them for her guests! Great idea! Go check them out!
So I always try to come up with cute ideas for my kids at school to do for their moms and I think this might be it this year. Love these cards. I love making torn paper crafts anyway (they're easy to manage and prepare for and they're great for developing fine motor skills!) My kids will love them, too because they're folded accordion style.

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Happy Almost Friday! Have a great weekend! See you soon!
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