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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Exciting News, A Necklace DIY, and Giveaway Winner!

Soooo I'm really excited.
 Today I'm sharing that necklace you see up there at 30 Handmade Days!

 And it gets even more exciting...

Thirty Handmade Days
Yep. I'm the new Jewelry Contributor for 30 Handmade Days.
You can find a new jewelry tutorial or idea from me on Mique's blog every 3rd Thursday of the month!Yay. Head on over and check out the tutorial for my DIY Turquoise Pendant Necklace now!

We have a winner for The Underwear Book by Todd Parr!

Congrats, Sarah who said:
I think this is the second giveaway where #1 has won!

Sarah keep a look out for my email. You have 48 hours to reply...If I don't hear from you, I'll be picking a new winner!

SO much exciting news! Thanks for reading!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Easy Golden Button Earrings

I wear posts pretty much every day. I also wear gold pretty much every day. A couple of my favorite earrings recently became tarnished so I was in the market for a few new pairs. Using buttons is such a cheap option! 
I swear I wouldn't know these were buttons if I saw someone wearing them. Love these.
I love the texture of the ones on top and ones on the bottom are a bright brushed gold. 
The pair on top are not buttons, but are from a cheap bridal embellishment set at Michael's. I thought they looked like fun earrings. The bottom pair were originally white rose buttons and I painted them gold with spray paint. 
These have got to be my favorite.

These turned out sweet, too.

Want to make some?
Gather Materials:
Wire cutters 
Metal file
Earring posts 
jewelry glue (or hot glue works just fine!)
Assemble Earrings.
Remove button shank with wire cutters (or shank remover), file down the pointy pieces left on the back of the button, and then glue the button to the post. 

So easy. 
 As mentioned above, I sprayed the white roses gold with spray paint and I also sealed them with this Mod Podge clear acrylic sealer.
I hope you love them like I do!!

Linking to the parties on my sidebar.

If you haven't yet, be sure to enter in my giveaway to win a signed copy of Todd Parr's The Underwear Book! 
The giveaway ends Tuesday!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Book Review and Giveaway:The Underwear Book by Todd Parr

Yes, I am a craft blogger, but I'm also a teacher who is CRAZY about wonderful children's literature. Like so crazy that I sometimes cry when I'm reading really sweet  and meaningful children's books to my kindergarten class. Or even just books that are funny or have beautiful illustrations. Feel free to think I'm crazy-I'll admit it freely. :)

When I saw the opportunity to share my love of Todd Parr and his wonderful children's books with YOU, I knew I had to. After all, most of you are probably mothers or hope to be mothers someday, are teachers, or know a child who needs a good book. All caregivers of all types know that good literature is so very important in every child's life and I promise any of Todd Parr's books will make you and the child in your life smile.You may even want to put this book on your own coffee table and keep it for you. Not gonna lie-I thought about it.

I first found out about Todd Parr in 2005 when my friend, Sadie, a fellow girl scout camp counselor, gave me a copy of The Peace Book. I instantly fell in love with the book and Todd's writing style. The way Todd writes and illustrates is simple, but the messages his books send are far from just simple and fun. 

Now, Todd Parr is one of my very favorite children's book authors. His books are so bright and happy and the message in each of them is always uplifting, sweet, and funny. Many of his books also encourage children to celebrate differences, encourage acceptance of others, celebrate our love for each other, and encourage us to be better people. My classroom library has a Todd Parr book basket and it quickly becomes a favorite every year in my classroom.

Some of my favorites so far are The Peace Book, The Earth Book, It's Okay to be Different, The Family Book, Reading Makes You Feel Good, Otto has a Birthday Party and This is My Hair. Check them out here! Many of Todd's books have been adapted to digital copies and are available at the iBookstore.

The book I'm reviewing and giving away today is The Underwear Book. It is actually a re-release of the original book that went out of copy a few years ago. It's so light-hearted, hilarious, and ridiculously appealing to kids. 

Haha. I love it.
 How much would your kids crack up?
 Giggle, giggle.
 See? Precious. And don't you just love the bright and cheerful illustrations? 
 And this is another great thing about Todd's books-there is always a sweet note that encourages readers to be themselves and to be happy with who they are. 
And guess what?! The book you'll be receiving is a SIGNED copy!!

Oh and just in case you weren't sold, I read it to my kindergarten class yesterday and here's what they have to say about the book and Todd Parr as an author...
Oh kindergarten babies, you are too funny. And they're always honest so, rest assured-this book is legit awesome. :)

Ok! Let's do this giveaway! 
This giveaway is super easy:
To enter to win The Underwear Book by Todd Parr:
Comment on this post to let me know what why you want a copy of The Underwear Book.
And that's all you have to do!
(In order to actually win a giveaway on Miss Lovie, you should actually be following Miss Lovie in some way.)

If you want more entries you can also:
Follow Todd on Facebook and leave a comment here telling me you did.
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And of course I'd love it if you'd spread the word about this giveaway! 
 If you share about this giveaway on your blog, twitter, or facebook, you can comment here telling you did those things as well. 

You must leave a comment for each one. These entries are not mandatory to win, only optional. 

Make sure your email is linked to your profile or leave your email with your comment.

This giveaway will end on Tuesday, September 18 at 12 am. I will announce the giveaway on Wednesday, September 19. 

Thanks for reading! Good Luck! 

Saturday, September 8, 2012

My Favorite Things Thursday, Except it's the Weekend

Hello and happy weekend! It is not Thursday, but we can still do this, right? I totally had this post written on Tuesday and just forgot to publish it. Oops. 

Enjoy my favorites from this past week! 
Chocolate Mint Brownies by Camille at Six Sister's Stuff
Oh my gosh. Get in my belly. Seriously. The ladies at Six Sister's Stuff have the yummiest looking recipes always.
Urban Turban Skirt by Lairi J at Lairi J
Cuteness overload. Love this sweet little skirt. Go check out the tutorial. 
Gossip Bench Redo by Shari at Turnstyle Vogue
I'm pretty sure we had one of these in our house when I was growing up. I haven't seen it in a long time. This fabulous furniture redo has motivated me to go hit up our family storage unit and find ours! 
Sketchy Chevron Pillow by Bev at Flamingo Toes
You MUST go check out this post to see the close-up version of this cute pillow. She made those sketchy chevron stripes with her sewing machine! LOVE. 
Caramel Glazed Turtle Donuts by Ashton at Something Swanky via Nifty Thrifty Things 
I think I must have been hungry when I was saving ideas for this week's post. These look incredible. And I don't even really like donuts mostly.
Sewing Room/Office Reveal by Amy at Positively Splendid
Again, Amy, please come design my home. I loooove this sewing room/office space. The colors are perfect and the organization is so nice. Go check it out. You won't believe where her sewing machine is.

Skeleton Cookies by Sue atMunchkin Munchies
AH! I love cutesie Halloween ideas. These sweet little skeleton cookies are so fun. You've got to click over to see how she packaged them, too. So fun.

Painted Burlap Canvas by Jessica at Happy Together
What a sweet little room. I just love that canvas that Jessica made-it's such a nice touch. Click the link to go get her tutorial!

If you were featured this week, I'd love for you to grab a button!

Miss Lovie Creations
Thanks for reading!
Have a wonderful weekend.

Oh, and if you missed my Back to School Event, you should check it out!
There are all kinds of great ideas for crafts, gifts, printables, and back to school decor!


Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Crinkle Tag Toy=Easiest DIY Baby Toy Ever

 Mr. Lovie's niece, Kayleigh, is turning 1 on September 9th. Kayleigh and her mom and dad live several hours away, but they were in town on Labor Day so we were able to celebrate her birthday together. We had a wonderful time. I love sweet baby cuddles. 

Of course I had to make Kayleigh a little toy.
 Like most babies, Kayleigh loooves crinkle noises and these little taggies you find on a lot of baby toys.  I checked out this tutorial before I made it to make sure my idea on how to make it wasn't crazy. :) One side is regular cotton fabric and the other side is a thicker fleece. This is seriously the easiest baby gift ever. You've got to try it. 
 Cutie, right? 
For the crinkle I used really cellophane, or really loud plastic. I couldn't really find cellophane in the gift wrap section in Target, so I just bought a package of gift bags and the plastic packaging on that was perfectly loud and crinkly. It's layered between the two fabrics. 
Happy 1st Birthday, Kayleigh!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Back to School Party Features and Back to School Event-Wrap Up

Well this Back to School Event has been so fun! I hope you love it as much as I did! 
Here are the two wonderful projects linked up to the party: 

This is so sweet. I've seen several Back to School Mantles and I just LOVE all the creativity in this one.
Bow Pencil Case by Kaitlin at Wunderbar
Anything with bows is great. Why not on pencil cases!

I love them both. I probably would have featured them both even if they hadn't been the only two linked up. This goes to show that not everyone needs to have a linky party on their blog. Ha.

If you missed any of the Back to School posts from the past couple weeks, you can find them here! Read on!

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