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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Book Review and Giveaway:The Underwear Book by Todd Parr

Yes, I am a craft blogger, but I'm also a teacher who is CRAZY about wonderful children's literature. Like so crazy that I sometimes cry when I'm reading really sweet  and meaningful children's books to my kindergarten class. Or even just books that are funny or have beautiful illustrations. Feel free to think I'm crazy-I'll admit it freely. :)

When I saw the opportunity to share my love of Todd Parr and his wonderful children's books with YOU, I knew I had to. After all, most of you are probably mothers or hope to be mothers someday, are teachers, or know a child who needs a good book. All caregivers of all types know that good literature is so very important in every child's life and I promise any of Todd Parr's books will make you and the child in your life smile.You may even want to put this book on your own coffee table and keep it for you. Not gonna lie-I thought about it.

I first found out about Todd Parr in 2005 when my friend, Sadie, a fellow girl scout camp counselor, gave me a copy of The Peace Book. I instantly fell in love with the book and Todd's writing style. The way Todd writes and illustrates is simple, but the messages his books send are far from just simple and fun. 

Now, Todd Parr is one of my very favorite children's book authors. His books are so bright and happy and the message in each of them is always uplifting, sweet, and funny. Many of his books also encourage children to celebrate differences, encourage acceptance of others, celebrate our love for each other, and encourage us to be better people. My classroom library has a Todd Parr book basket and it quickly becomes a favorite every year in my classroom.

Some of my favorites so far are The Peace Book, The Earth Book, It's Okay to be Different, The Family Book, Reading Makes You Feel Good, Otto has a Birthday Party and This is My Hair. Check them out here! Many of Todd's books have been adapted to digital copies and are available at the iBookstore.

The book I'm reviewing and giving away today is The Underwear Book. It is actually a re-release of the original book that went out of copy a few years ago. It's so light-hearted, hilarious, and ridiculously appealing to kids. 

Haha. I love it.
 How much would your kids crack up?
 Giggle, giggle.
 See? Precious. And don't you just love the bright and cheerful illustrations? 
 And this is another great thing about Todd's books-there is always a sweet note that encourages readers to be themselves and to be happy with who they are. 
And guess what?! The book you'll be receiving is a SIGNED copy!!

Oh and just in case you weren't sold, I read it to my kindergarten class yesterday and here's what they have to say about the book and Todd Parr as an author...
Oh kindergarten babies, you are too funny. And they're always honest so, rest assured-this book is legit awesome. :)

Ok! Let's do this giveaway! 
This giveaway is super easy:
To enter to win The Underwear Book by Todd Parr:
Comment on this post to let me know what why you want a copy of The Underwear Book.
And that's all you have to do!
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This giveaway will end on Tuesday, September 18 at 12 am. I will announce the giveaway on Wednesday, September 19. 

Thanks for reading! Good Luck! 


sarah said...

Hopefully being first pays off! I would love a copy of this book.


Anonymous said...

I love his books! I am a nanny and preschool teacher, and my munchkins really enjoy Todd's books. I would love to win this giveaway! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!

Julie Coast Miller said...

A grandmother can never have too many books in her stash for those special times with special little people. I grew up being read to, reading to my siblings, reading to my classroom of kids and now reading to my numerous nieces, nephews and grandchildren. Reading = Love.

Fifi said...

I never have too many books for my babies who now learn english ;)
Thanks for opportunity to win a lovely book !!!

Shiloh Barkley said...

I don't have kids, but I want this book to give to my faux nephew who will be two on dec31.


Kristen said...

Our oldest would love this! We have the feelings flashcards and they are a favorite of the whole family

Maria said...

I would love to read this to my students!

And I'd also love to add it to my stash of books to read to my future children! Knowing their father, this humor will be right up their alley! : )

Kristen said...

I liked Todd on FB

Kristen said...

I liked Miss Lovie on FB

Sarah said...

What a great post! I love your students' responses. I follow Todd on FB which is how I found your blog.

Erin Fugal said...

I found your blog linked from Todd Parrs site. I've now followed you on FB and am commenting, in hopes I win. I love Todd! :)

Erin Fugal said...

Erin AT Fugal Dot Net

Cindy2207 said...

Todd is by far my favorite children's author. His messages are so important and I always take every opportunity I have to share his books with my daughters classrooms. I am really excited about The Thankful book as well!

Cindy2207 said...

Should I note that I also follow him on facebook?

Mothereartho said...

Todd is so down to earth. Have one of his books, but usually end up purchasing them for gifts. Would love to have this for my grandson who lives with us. He is also in Kindergarten, and the only thing funnier than underware is farting!

Emily H. said...

I would love a copy of this book because I'm nurturing a potty-training almost 2 year old and it would be a great oomph into big girl underwear.

Plus, kids at Harrison loved his books :)

Tracy H. said...

I would love it because my daughter LOVES Todd Parr books (she's 4). The messages are so good and she GETS IT. The underwear book looks so cute!!!

kelgirl105 at yahoo.com said...

I would love this book to give to my nephew-- he just turned two and my sister is trying to potty train. I think this could help him be interested in wearing underware and want to use the potty!

I follow your RSS feed!

lori_r8 said...

I am a follower! And I would love to win this hilarious book!

Joysy28 said...

I do love me some Todd Parr. He's always a hit when I read him aloud in my school library!

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