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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Pink Champagne Necklace at 30 Days Today

You've gotta go check out my newest jewelry tutorial over at 30 Days today! A lovey, rosey, necklace just in time for Valentine's Day (that is totally neutral enough to wear whenever.) Let me know what you think! 

Thanks for reading! 

Sunday, January 27, 2013

12 Sweet Handmade Valentines

Valentine's Day is getting closer! My favorite part about it all is making fun valentines for my kindergarten kiddos at school. I'm not sure why I try so hard since usually most of them are crazed, over-excited, and hyped up on cupcakes that they don't notice any hard work that went into making them. But I like it so I do it for me if nothing else. Ha. Do you make valentines to give to your kids' classmates? 

Here are my favorite handmade valentines from around the web!
I just love these. Googly eyes make everything funny. 
And how sweet are these?! I love how simple they are and that scallop frame is just the best.
Glitter Rock Valentines by Jean at The Artful Parent
I love this alternative to the traditional card. These would definitely be a favorite and memorable valentine! 
I'm loving these wild valentines, too! Any kid would be excited about having a fun zoo animal toy to play with. 
Friendship Bracelet Valentines  by Danyelle at Dandee Designs
These would be so perfect for a little girl to make for her class who loooves making friendship bracelets. You know every kid that got one would wear their's every day until it's worn out, too.
Painted Grid Valentine by Merrilee at Mer Mag
This is one of my faves. A small child painted that! You have to go see how she did it. So sweet.
Forceful Valentines by Holly at Stitch Craft
These are pretty awesome. I love the glow stick idea.
These Eye Spy Love are available for purchase at the Etsy shop, Invitation to Mars
These are beyond cute. How cute would a class full of kiddos be with these on. Haha.
These Donut Treat Bag Valentines are available for purchase at the Etsy Shop, Little bean Boutique
This bag is so fun. These would double as treats and valentines at a class party, too!
Homemade Glitter Chalk Heart Valentines by Michele at The Scrap Shoppe
That chalk looks so cool! I love the idea of giving kids something they can use instead of candy.
Watercolor Resist Valentines  by Elise at Grow Creative
Cute, cute cute. Watercolor would be very easy for young kids to do, too!
 Monique used the printable from Dandee Designs. I just love her idea on how to use it! 

So many cute ones!

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Now I just have to figure out how I want to make mine this year!

Last year I made these Stitched Heart Valentines with fruit by the foot attached to the back.
And then the year before I made these cutie pirate valentines using this printable from Mer Mag. They might still be my fave. I love hand drawn anything. 

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a great week!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Fall Wedding Visions-What I've Really Been Up To

So, yes. I have been putting in a lot of time at work-or being exhausted from work, (thus the reason for my sporadic presence in this lovely place), but I've also been doing this. 

My wedding is officially less than 10 months away. I do have some major things done (and still have some more major things left to do), but I find myself often thinking about the details. Details are my favorite part about any project, but thinking about ALL the details that could potentially go into this once-in-a-lifetime project get me giddy and nervous all at once. What better place to obsess over such details, than Pinterest?

 I mean, what did brides even do before this lovely gem of a planning tool?! I have been pinning like crazy to my wedding board, and I love it. While wonderful, it is time-consuming. I'm sure I would probably be better off if there weren't so much awesomeness at my fingertips. I'd get things done faster (maybe?) and I would make quicker decisions. Having Pinterest definitely makes me think "Eh, I bet I can find/make something better." instead of, "That works just fine. Let's stick with that." But then again, where is the fun in doing that. 

So here's a sneak peek of what I'm thinking for the Mr. and Miss Lovie wedding, October 2012! 
(--in case you've missed the billions of pins I've pinned! And if you have, you better start following me! I pin lots of other fun things, too. Don't worry.)

Bridesmaids and most large scale decor will be a mix of the color family of champagnes, camel, ivory, beige, nude, and gold (!) and then there will be touches and accents of orange and golden yellow in the flowers (and pumpkins, of course!).
I also LOVE that rust color. (no gray or red. Ick. I'm so done with my red phase. Hey, old roomies, I bet you never thought you'd hear me say that!)
 We're doing mix and match for the girls' dresses and there's a good chance that one or two might have that shimmery gold color on their body. I love it. You guys should know by now I love gold. 
Can you tell my color palette isn't too defined, just yet? Haha. Too many pretty colors! Don't worry, I'll wittle it down. While I think those vintage circus weddings that are bursting with color are super cool, mine will be a little more laid back. 

Centerpieces and Tablescapes
I think flowers and centerpieces can really transform a space so I'm really excited about this part of the decorating.  I also have been planning on trying to make some decisions about flowers soon so I've been doing some extra researching on flowers for the reception and for the bouquets.

So I've already started collecting mason jars, baby jars, random tall bottles, etc. I'm pretty sure I'm going to go that route. I'm trying to decide between vintage books and wood slices, but as you can tell, I think the wood slices will win out. 
I'm loving the wildflower-type look for flowers. I'm not a big perfect rose, orchid, or lily kind of girl. I love wild, out of control blossoms and arrangements. 
While I love the wood slices, I would just about die if someone made me a ton of these barn wood centerpiece trays!! Love them! (I could potentially make them myself, I suppose, but I don't have any tools or the place to do any kind of woodwork really. This idea is not off the table just yet, though.)

Since the dresses are going to be kind of neutral I want the flowers to pop. I love the idea of deep oranges, golden yellows, white, and that succulent/lamb's ear soft green. The wildflower crazyness of bouquet 3 is so good.

What's a fall wedding without pumpkins?! Stripey pumpkins are my favorite kind, so I'm thinking of throwing a few of those and some other tiny orange or white ones onto the tables. I'll also have some sort of pumpkin decor along the aisles (the outdoor aisles!!). There is literally a pumpkin patch on the property of our wedding venue so finding and decorating with pumpkins should be a cinch. 

That's all the wedding ideas for now! 

Yes, I will be doing plenty of wedding DIY. As much as possible, as you might expect. I can't wait. 
I hope you'll stick with me through a couple of these posts, at least. I just wanted to clue you guys in on what's going on in my little life. Back to regular programming soon. Jewelry post? Wreaths? Homemade valentines....coming right up. :)

Thanks for reading!


Thursday, January 17, 2013

My Favorite Things Thursday

Has it really been that long since I've written a post?! Seriously-thank you for reading-and for putting up with sporadic posting!! This whole being a full time kinder teacher and a blogger and planning a wedding at the same time is proving to be slightly difficult. :) 
I hope to have a new tutorial or two up for you soon. Would you absolutely kill me if I posted a Christmas project? Or should I save it for Christmas 2013? Haha. 

Today I've rounded up some of my favorite finds from the blogging world over the past couple of weeks. 

Uhhhh. Amazing. The end. Not sure how it took me this long to find this amazing-ness, but I'm so glad I finally did. If you've seen this movie, you know you love this. 
Tiny everything is always cute, but that floral lining and floral buttons just put the cuteness over the edge here.
I need a cute pincushion and this tutorial is great. Who doesn't love hedgehogs?!
I think printing your own fabric sounds like so much fun. I love how this fabric turned out for this sweet boy's cowl! 
This snowflake valentine is super cute. I love the water color look. 
Bev is so talented and these are so fun. I really want to be able to 'sketch stitch' like she can!! 
I need to make this immediately. LOVE it! The two colors on it are really fun, too!
I was so super pumped to see that Project Run and Play had started up again. This cardigan won this past week and the tutorial is now up on their blog. This was my vote-especially with that sweet top and those cutie shorts. 

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I hope you've had a great week! Thanks again for reading!
We'll talk soon!

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