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Sunday, January 27, 2013

12 Sweet Handmade Valentines

Valentine's Day is getting closer! My favorite part about it all is making fun valentines for my kindergarten kiddos at school. I'm not sure why I try so hard since usually most of them are crazed, over-excited, and hyped up on cupcakes that they don't notice any hard work that went into making them. But I like it so I do it for me if nothing else. Ha. Do you make valentines to give to your kids' classmates? 

Here are my favorite handmade valentines from around the web!
I just love these. Googly eyes make everything funny. 
And how sweet are these?! I love how simple they are and that scallop frame is just the best.
Glitter Rock Valentines by Jean at The Artful Parent
I love this alternative to the traditional card. These would definitely be a favorite and memorable valentine! 
I'm loving these wild valentines, too! Any kid would be excited about having a fun zoo animal toy to play with. 
Friendship Bracelet Valentines  by Danyelle at Dandee Designs
These would be so perfect for a little girl to make for her class who loooves making friendship bracelets. You know every kid that got one would wear their's every day until it's worn out, too.
Painted Grid Valentine by Merrilee at Mer Mag
This is one of my faves. A small child painted that! You have to go see how she did it. So sweet.
Forceful Valentines by Holly at Stitch Craft
These are pretty awesome. I love the glow stick idea.
These Eye Spy Love are available for purchase at the Etsy shop, Invitation to Mars
These are beyond cute. How cute would a class full of kiddos be with these on. Haha.
These Donut Treat Bag Valentines are available for purchase at the Etsy Shop, Little bean Boutique
This bag is so fun. These would double as treats and valentines at a class party, too!
Homemade Glitter Chalk Heart Valentines by Michele at The Scrap Shoppe
That chalk looks so cool! I love the idea of giving kids something they can use instead of candy.
Watercolor Resist Valentines  by Elise at Grow Creative
Cute, cute cute. Watercolor would be very easy for young kids to do, too!
 Monique used the printable from Dandee Designs. I just love her idea on how to use it! 

So many cute ones!

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Miss Lovie Creations

Now I just have to figure out how I want to make mine this year!

Last year I made these Stitched Heart Valentines with fruit by the foot attached to the back.
And then the year before I made these cutie pirate valentines using this printable from Mer Mag. They might still be my fave. I love hand drawn anything. 

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a great week!


Elise Engh said...

What a fun round-up! Thanks for featuring my watercolor cards!

Michele {The Scrap Shoppe} said...

Wonderful round up, Allie! Thanks so much for including my glitter chalk. I made extras for me!! ;)

Melissa said...

thank you, pinterest, for directing me to you! I love that I just found THE cutest ideas for my kids' valentine' January. It makes me feel so on the ball, and all I did was steal other people's creative ideas. :) Thanks so much!

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