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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Leafy Wreath

Finally a craft post! YAY! 
Here's the wreath I made to give away as a door prize at our school carnival this weekend.

I got my inspiration from this wreath I found on Pinterest forever ago. 
You can purchase that wreath here: Jane Joss Etsy shop. Be sure to go visit the Jane Joss shop. She's got some beautiful items. 

I made my leaves very similar to the way the Etsy shop owner describes hers, but I added a flower as well. It turned out really pretty. I like the neutral colors, but it would be fun in bright colors, too. And especially in fall colors during the fall. 

It was a pretty quick Friday night project. And I was happy to hear a friend of mine at school won the wreath. She said it would match her current decor perfectly. 

I decided to make a tag last minute. I'm loving my new polka dot stamp.

Hope you love this leafy wreath as much as I do. I needed something a little different and this one was fun to make. I'd like to keep experimenting with it and do some other variations with colors and different flowers. 

Thanks for reading and have a great week! See you again soon! 

Thursday, April 26, 2012

My Favorite Things Thursday and I'm Back :)

Welcome to My Favorite Things Thursday! 

I know I have been MIA forever. Sorry about that. I want to thank you for sticking around!!! 
I promise tutorials and crafts soon. Let's do some jewelry, new wreaths, some party decor, and maybe even some sewing(!) REAL soon together, ok?! 
Because guess what.... I am DONE DONE DONE DONE with grad school. Yep.
I've still got to take the Praxis and finish my grad portfolio, but the hard part is over. And I kinda rocked it, too. :) Who said you can't teach kinder and go to grad school (out of state) and write a blog at the same time? Ok ok, I haven't actually been doing much blog writing, but I'm back now. Expect something awesome coming your way this weekend. :) For now, let's get on to my favorite finds. I've actually had the time to look through my Reader! It's amazing. 
Uh, cutest ever. Right?! Dana can do no wrong. I need to make about 30 of those onesies for babies I don't even have immediately in ever color. Love them. Simple hearts are my fave. Genius. Go get that tutorial.
And going right along with my favorite simple heart theme, Delia comes up with this great swaddling blanket. (No, I don't have baby fever...why?) 
Vintage Skirt by Jessica at Me Sew Crazy
Loving Jessica's sweet skirt made from a vintage table cloth! Beautiful. She has a top that goes with it, too. Go check it out! 
This idea is kinda awesome. Go read Kate's tutorial on how to fix an awkward neckline by sewing in a simple ruffle. I love it. 
I thought this was a fun idea. Simple, too. A great way to mix things up a little bit.
I know Earth Day's over, but I couldn't help but share these awesome cupcakes. Seriously. I can't stand icing so that heart of red icing gives me the creeps, but I still love these. I'd make them and let everyone else eat them while I just adored their cuteness.
This is my most favorite idea I've found in a long time. These are awesome. Except I want them to be gold. Love this idea. How cute would they be mixed in with other vases/cans/containers spray painted with various metallic colors. Love.
Spring Wreath  by Marija at Touseld Day
I stumbled onto this unique wreath today and thought it needed to be included. It's so different from what we usually see. I love that the bright green almost looks like petals and the gold glitter ribbon is perfect. 
Hope you enjoyed these features!
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Thanks for reading!!


Sunday, April 15, 2012

Stained Glass Flower Kids Craft {Tutorial}

 A Tutorial! Yay! It's about time, right?
Stained glass flower crafts are so classic. I love them. I had never done any with my students before and the day before spring break I determined that it was high time. I got the idea and most of the directions for these at DTLK crafts, but I made my own templates and added some things. :)
They really do look so pretty in our classroom window. Wanna make some in your classroom? Or with your kids at home? Let's do it. After I modeled it for them, my kindergarteners did all parts of this activity except the actual ironing.
Gather Materials:
Flower Template
Construction Paper
Crayon Sharpeners
Old Towel
Wax Paper, about a 12x12 sheet per flower.
 1. Copy the flower and stem template onto the appropriate color construction paper. Fold template in half and make a cut in the middle. (This template is not symmetrical so you cant keep it folded and cut and then unfold). 2. Unfold the template, stick scissors inside the cut and cut the flower out from the inside. This was a little difficult for some of my kiddos, but I had extras on hand. :) 3. Cut out the stem and glue it to the flower. 
1. Sharpen crayons to get a good amount of shavings. You can use different coordinating colors if you like. 2. You probably shouldn't let children shave the crayons, but if you're trying to help them out, this way might be faster for you. 3. Lay a towel down and the wax paper on top. Dump the shavings out onto the wax paper 4. and spread them out. 
 1. Fold the wax paper over itself, completely covering the shavings and leaving a couple of inches between any edges to insure the melted crayon doesn't seep out. 2. Cover the folded wax paper with the towel. Be sure you use an old towel just in case any of the shavings spill out and it gets on the towel. You can tell in the picture that after doing about 20 of these, this did happen to me. Hold the iron over top of each area for several seconds. It will seem like nothing ins happening for awhile and then everything will be melted at once so watch it. The iron should be on a medium to low setting.
And this is what you get! Pretty!
1. Position the flower cut out over the part of the melted crayon you like the best. 2. Glue it down. 3. Cut off any excess wax paper around the construction paper. 
Just for fun I made some grasses to go under the flowers to make it look like a little spring garden. :) These are optional, of course.
 These are, of course, my students' creations. 

 Cute, huh? Even the most odd color combos came out great! You really can't go wrong with this project.

Now I think it's time to get out some sweet little springtime books so we can learn more about what Spring can bring! 

Thanks for reading!
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Friday, April 6, 2012

My Favorite Things Thursday-On Friday...Again

Happy Friday!! 
Normally I am totally hyped that it's Friday, but this Friday, I'm a little sad. I've been on Spring Break this week and it has FLOWN by and since it's Friday that means I don't have much longer to pretend my job teaching kindergarten doesn't exist. HA! Love being with my kinder babies, but this break was so needed. Now if only if I could figure out a way to extend it...

 I know My Favorite Things Thursday is supposed to go up on Thursdays, but I had a draft for my grad school project due yesterday so I had to put it off until today. Enjoy!! 
I have been in LOVE with these sweet sock bunnies since the day I pinned them. 
Ashley has  a great tutorial on how to do them and they're really pretty simple. I just love those long ears and button eyes! 
If I had kids and was trying to be preparing for Easter, I know I'd be doing some last minute things....So if you're like me, here's a last minute printable!! I just love the colors on it! So cute and an easy way to dress up a little candy jar. 
This applique is too cute. LOVE the skirt. And the eyelashes. I wish I had time to whip one of these up for Mr. Lovie's niece. Next year, next year. 
How awesome is this? You've got to click over and read her tutorial on how she did this. SO cool. I think I may have to try it. She said the lettering from the jar came out better than it seems in the picture, too. Love these. 
DIY Hair Necklace by Lauren, Kristen, and Amy Nadine at The Beauty Department
Yeah, I know. I'm not sure about it either. But it's interesting, huh? I know if I wore a necklace in my hair to work everyone would think I had officially gone bonkers, but I kinda love it. I love gold chain on anything, why not your hair?! The DIY is great. You should totally check it out.
Sequin Sash How-To by Kristina at Kristina J
I think I probably need this immediately. And the billowy dress to go with it, of course. Go find out how to sew one of these beauties up. It looks like the perfect summer nights accessory to me! 
Playing with wire is super fun. I love how Rose made this ring. I'm pretty envious of her. I feel like anytime I try to make anything like this, it turns out mangled. Ha. Maybe I just need some practice. Click on over to see how she made it and how cute it looks on her. 
Did your heart just stop? Yeah, mine did, too, when I saw this. Beautiful and delicious-looking. Samoas (or Caramel Delights as they were called in my region growing up) were my favorite Girl Scout cookie when I was little. I still love them. I can't imagine how good this cake is. Mm. Go get that recipe!

In other news, I saw that Android just got Instagram! Fun! If you're on Instagram and want to follow me, look me up under Miss Lovie! 

Enjoy your weekend!! 

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Hello!! and A Weekend Adventure

Hello! It's been awhile. 
I've been pretty overwhelmed with work and grad school. I'm hoping things will all slow down in a month or two as a finish up my masters classes. In the meantime, I plan to pop in here and there as much as possible. I will try to keep up with My Favorite Things Thursdays and I'll do some crafts here and there. I hate that I can't put as much time into Miss Lovie as it deserves, but sometimes, you just can't do it all! I do have a fun Spring kids' craft tutorial coming up soon. 

This week my school is on Spring Break. Today I am enjoying a couple days with my family in Lexington, Kentucky before I go back home to do some serious work on my grad school projects. Here are some pictures of the fun girls weekend I just got back from in Asheville, North Carolina. My friend is getting married and several of us went to visit her and stayed in a cabin and enjoyed each other's company.
 How cute are these cozies my friend Annie made for all of the Bridesmaids?!!

 We visited the Biltmore. So fun and beautiful. We did the full audio tour and wine tasting. By the end of our long, fun day, you could hear any of us say, "Who needs a beach on Spring Break?! We've got the Biltmore!" haha.

I think the tulip gardens were my favorite

We also went hiking. It was the hardest hike I've ever gone on in my life. It was 4.2 miles of constant incline and large rocks. And, yes. I do have on a trench coat. You gotta be stylish at all times. No, not really. I forgot my jacket and a friend let me borrow whatever was in her car so I wouldn't freeze. Ha! 

 The best way to take on this steep stretch of the trail was to run it evidently.

Hope you enjoyed taking a peek into my little Asheville Adventure. Check back soon for my kids' spring craft! 
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