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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Hello!! and A Weekend Adventure

Hello! It's been awhile. 
I've been pretty overwhelmed with work and grad school. I'm hoping things will all slow down in a month or two as a finish up my masters classes. In the meantime, I plan to pop in here and there as much as possible. I will try to keep up with My Favorite Things Thursdays and I'll do some crafts here and there. I hate that I can't put as much time into Miss Lovie as it deserves, but sometimes, you just can't do it all! I do have a fun Spring kids' craft tutorial coming up soon. 

This week my school is on Spring Break. Today I am enjoying a couple days with my family in Lexington, Kentucky before I go back home to do some serious work on my grad school projects. Here are some pictures of the fun girls weekend I just got back from in Asheville, North Carolina. My friend is getting married and several of us went to visit her and stayed in a cabin and enjoyed each other's company.
 How cute are these cozies my friend Annie made for all of the Bridesmaids?!!

 We visited the Biltmore. So fun and beautiful. We did the full audio tour and wine tasting. By the end of our long, fun day, you could hear any of us say, "Who needs a beach on Spring Break?! We've got the Biltmore!" haha.

I think the tulip gardens were my favorite

We also went hiking. It was the hardest hike I've ever gone on in my life. It was 4.2 miles of constant incline and large rocks. And, yes. I do have on a trench coat. You gotta be stylish at all times. No, not really. I forgot my jacket and a friend let me borrow whatever was in her car so I wouldn't freeze. Ha! 

 The best way to take on this steep stretch of the trail was to run it evidently.

Hope you enjoyed taking a peek into my little Asheville Adventure. Check back soon for my kids' spring craft! 


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