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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Hello, Forsythia. It Must Be Spring.

Happy Spring!!!

Just thought I'd check in with some pretty spring pictures for a second between my grad school homework and parent teacher conferences at school this week. No Favorite Things Thursday. It will resume soon! 

When I noticed the forsythia in our neighborhood was starting to bloom, I rushed outside to get a few quick pics before it got dark after I got home from school the other night. There's just something about that in-your-face-intense yellow color that gets me so excited for spring. I know spring is all about the pastels, but most of the time I feel pretty ick about pastels. This crazy yellow, though, is great. I also love how forsythia grows. Crazy. My friend and I used to have some faux forsythia in a pot in our apartment back in the day. We donned it, "The monster plant". A lot of people trim their forsythia like bushes, but I like it when people let it grow free and wild: 
Like this. Yes.
 Seeing that bright yellow bush starting to bloom was exciting.
I love how quick spring happens, too. I feel like the grass got greener and trees had burst into full bloom over night. 

Here's some forsythia-themed ideas I might be doing if I had any time whatsoever to do them. :) Enjoy.

Love, love, love.

Are you sweating already? We are around here. Our temps don't say spring at all. They say summer. 
I'm not upset about it, but, I mean, open the pool already.

I hope all is well with you. Next week our Spring Break starts and I could not be more excited. 4 more school days! 



Sugarr2518 said...

The weather has been absolutely fantastic:) I'm loving your forsythia, it so pretty!

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