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Saturday, March 17, 2012

St. Patrick's Day Projects Round Up

Happy St. Patrick's Day!
Here's a quick round up of my St. Pat's Day projects of the past(from top left): 

I guess I could have maybe written this post earlier in the month, so you could actually make some of these great projects, but, well, shew. My life is too cray right now. Yep. Cray. As in cray cray. :) Report cards, grad school assignments, tutoring a student twice a week, grad school assignments, the distraction of beautiful weather, grad school assignments...see a pattern? I promise that once I'm done (in APRIL!!!), I will be better. Promise. I hope to have some good things for you this week...maybe an outfit post like I had discussed the possibility of here? We'll see. 

Hope you have a happy weekend!! Go have a green beer for me. 
I'll be on the couch, typing away. 


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