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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Flat Olivia Adventures in Ohio

Hello, all! 
I hope you're having a super week! I've been completely exhausted from school which is why I haven't posted any new crafts. I come home and look at my to-do/to-craft list and collapse on the couch instead. My crazy kiddos have figured out there's not much more school left and they've gone completely bonkers. Seriously, someone save me. :) Ha. 12 days. I can do it. Field Trip tomorrow. Whew.
 In the meantime, my little cousin's kindergarten in Lexington, Kentucky class sent me "Flat Olivia", a flat version of one of my cousin's classmates so I could take her on an adventure here in Dayton, Ohio. If I hadn't been super busy with grad school, I would have taken her to the Air Force museum, but there was no time. To be honest, I held on to her for way too long and need to mail her out asap so school doesn't end before the letter and pictures get there. Oops.
If you are unfamiliar with the fun of "Flat Stanley", the book, it is a treasured story where Stanley gets flattened in his sleep by a bulletin board on his wall. The good part about it, though, is that he can visit his friends by being sent to them in the mail. That is, of course, how "Flat Olivia" got to me! And we went to a Cincinnati Reds game! We took the ferry over (as seen above)...
 And had great seats for Opening Weekend! 
It was a beautiful night. "Flat Olivia" liked it, I think. (And I like her blue nails!)
 I also just had to bring Flat Olivia with me to school so she could meet my kindergarteners. Here she is helping with Calendar Math. 
And again, reading with a new friend. Have you ever received a "Flat Stanley" or a "Flat someone"? What adventures did you go on? I really kinda wanted to sew her some new clothes and take pictures of us crafting together...but I ran out of time. Ha. Next time. 

See you here tomorrow for My Favorite Things Thursday! 


Tara @ Tara Being Tara said...

Did I know you lived in Dayton?? That's where my parents live (Centerville), and we live in Cincinnati! You took Flat Olivia on some great adventures!

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