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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Crazy Week and Anthro Finds

Kinda feeling like that guy this week. But with more hair.

This week=

 Report cards.


Research paper.


I am crafting, too....sewing actually...in the late hours of the evening when I should be sleeping.
No finished products yet...

So here's a different kind of post. :)

Have you seen all the beautiful jewelry at Anthropologie lately? 

There are always crafters re-doing Anthro jewelry-particularly necklaces.
(Flamingo Toes has an Anthro Necklace week going on now!)

I even make jewelry pretty frequently and don't want to try to remake some of their stuff-nor do I have the materials/equipment to do so-because it's so pretty as is.

Their earrings are really great right now. 
I NEED those Tulle Viola earrings.and the Sera Petal Posts probably, too.

And how pretty are these?
And look at them in teal!
Ok these are just ridiculous. But you'll have that now and again with anthro.
Really wishing that cuff wasn't $198. 

The earrings are mostly affordable-if you're into paying a little more for nice jewelry. 
Cuff-not so much, but it is all beautiful 
(minus the cats because they're just weird.)

I also might need this.


Rissa @ Hazel and Honeysuckle said...

Woah, you've been busy! Same over here, must just be the week for it!

Very pretty Anthro finds, mostly.. ;) The cats are weird 0_o

Desire Empire said...

I'm popping in from The Creative Girl, as you are the link before me. Glad I found you. You sound like a teacher. Is that right? I used to be but not anymore.

Nice jewelery. I'm gunna scroll down and check out your craft now.

Best Carolyn

emilysnan said...

hiya i am visiting from girl creative and following you too x i soooo need thae antiquity cuff ....gorgeous x and i am with rissa above me here the cat is weird x

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