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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Covered Button Earrings for St. Patty's Day

Are you getting ready for St. Patty's Day? 

You've already got your green outfit picked out, don't you? No? Oh, you're like me and are searching your closet the morning of St. Patty's Day for that green cardigan you know you saw the other day...
Well, if you go ahead and make some of these earrings, you won't have to worry about that cardigan. No one said how much green you actually had to wear not to get pinched. Little green button earrings should definitely suffice. :)

I've seen the covered button earrings a lot lately and was dying to make some. Since I had some St. Pat's day fabric already that I needed to use, I decided now was the perfect time.

To make these, I used this great tutorial as well as the basic instructions on the back of the button covering kit. It is seriously super crazy easy. 10 minutes maybe to actually make one pair-probably less-once you have all your materials together: 
button covering kit, fabric, scissors, hot glue, earring posts and backs.

You'll definitely need a button covering kit. Go ahead and grab some extra buttons, too, because you'll love these so much, you'll want to make a ton.
20458-2-1.jpg (320×240)
I used two sizes. (See picture of my earrings above.) The small ones are 5/8in wide and my larger ones were 3/4 in wide. The 5/8in seem to be the perfect size unless you just want big ones. 

Get some fun fabric. The more detailed, smaller print, the better. Look through your scrap stash-you're bound to have something perfect.  

Like the instructions on the kit suggests, if the fabric is too thin, use a liner-I used two layers of the same fabric. I found it was much easier to get the back pushed into the button if there was only one layer of fabric, however. If you can find fabric that's thick enough so the silver doesn't show through and you can use one layer, it will work better. 

I just love that sparkly dot green fabric. It screams St. Patrick's Day to me.

With fabric like this green stripe, be careful in placing the fabric on the button so it comes out the way you want it to. I re-positioned my fabric on these a few times.

These look almost more blue than they do green, but I still love them. The fabric I used for these was perfect. It had different designs everywhere making possibilities endless. I could have made 4 more pairs that would have been different than these! 

Ok so these aren't covered button earrings, but they were fun to make, too. They're just mini rosettes with posts glued on the back. 

Feel free to make fun of that goofy picture of me.

If you already have a green feather boa and a green sequin top hat ready for the 17th and feel that earrings may be just too over the top, you can, of course, forgo the St. Patrick's Day theme all together and just make some super cute earrings in any fabric of your choice.
If I had bought more buttons to cover, I would have made a bunch more.
LOVE these. They're my fave.
They don't match that grey sweater, but it's cool.
These feel like summer. Now if only the weather would do the same...

The button covering kits are seriously $2 or $3 so this project really is pretty cheap, especially if you use fabric you already had-like I did! :)

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Jen @ tatertotsandjello.com said...

Those earrings are so fun!! Thanks for linking up!


Anna @ Blissful Whimsy said...

Super cute earring!

Emily said...

you seriously need to open an etsy shop!

Jeanna said...

They are to cute! I'm so going to have to make some. The flower ones are my fav.

Jeanna @ dramaqueenseams.blogspot.com

Emily Carter said...

Those are too cute! Thanks for linking up!

DANA said...

I found this post through Making the World Cuter and wanted to say how much I like it! I would also love for you to link up with me at Saturday Mornings if you haven't been by yet! Everyone is welcome and prizes are awarded monthly to those who join in! Here is the link if you want to "Strut Your Stuff!"


Aimee said...

So cute! I love the green striped ones & the yellows. I'm doing a green necklace giveaway this week, if you're looking for anymore green accessories: http://sixitemsmoreorless.blogspot.com/2011/03/week-of-st-pattys-day-giveaway.html

Marian said...

these are so cute! I particularly love the stripes!

Jill said...

I just recently made button covered items. It's been so fun! I never thought to make earrings! Thanks for the idea!

Lauren @ Love, Water and Wine said...

OH my goodness! These are absolutely adorable! I can't wait to make some! I would love for you to stop by and link up to my Ten Buck Tuesday link party!

Tanya said...

I love those! I found one of the button things at the thrift store the other day and now I know what to do with them.

Rissa @ Hazel and Honeysuckle said...

Cuuuute earrings! Love them!

Katie @ EyeSpyDIY said...

So cute! I love the green stripe ones and the rosette ones. What a great idea!

Anna K. said...

Thanks for linking up to my tutorial girl! You did an awesome job - aren't they simply addicting to make?! Love those rosettes too!

Have a great one!

Stephanie Lynn @Under the Table and Dreaming said...

Allie - This are adorable! I love the little rosettes! Thanks so much for linking up to the Sunday Showcase Party - I greatly appreciate it. I have featured this today.
Hope you are enjoying your week
~ Stephanie Lynn

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