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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Reading Chair Makeover

I'm pretty much in love with my new chair. I've been so excited to share it with you! 

Creating a special, warm, inviting, and quiet place to read with your children, whether you are a parent or teacher, is very important. As most parents and teachers know, reading is one of the best things you can ever do for your child, especially when they're young, but also all throughout their lives. Exploring new and old favorite books in your special reading spot with your children creates memories that last a lifetime and helps them develop academically as well-rounded, knowledgeable people. As a teacher, I sit in my special reading chair you see here and encourage the kids on the carpet to lean in close as I introduce them to all my favorites. As a parents you could get your kids to pile on your lap while you sit in your special reading chair, cuddle them close, and read for as long as they'll let you. 

Anyway, here's my special reading chair.

 If you don't have one yet in your home or classroom, consider making one over like I did! 
So this chair has been in my family a long time. When I started teaching, I took it from my parents' basement, knowing it would be perfect for my classroom. I had thought I would paint it the following summer, but of course that didn't happen. Five years later, I finally decided to do a proper makeover.
First, I glued some of the pieces back into place with Gorilla Glue and let the chair dry for the recommended amount of time. Then I sanded it-by hand. I wrongfully assumed this task would be quick and easy. Those of you who make over furniture regularly know that sanding furniture is never quick and easy, but I did it. The above picture shows the chair after sanding. Before painting, I wiped it down, let it dry, and then sprayed several coats of primer on it. After primer, I sprayed several coats of semi-gloss spray paint. 
Man I love it. SO much better. Then I used this tutorial to make a cushion. I just love the colors in that fabric!
And just to make the chair a little cozier and fun, I sewed a little Sprocket Pillow to place at the back of the chair. 
So much cuter-and more comfortable! I tested it out in my classroom yesterday. It really is a perfect special reading chair. 

Do you have a special reading chair you love?

And be sure to come back tomorrow for more great Back to School ideas!



ramsaygrace said...

Hi Allie~
I'm just in love with your chair makeover! The bright white looks fantastic and the pillows really make it extra special. Thanks for sharing all your great ideas. You've inspired me to find an old chair of my own and get busy. :-)

~Damita's Pretty Wrap~ said...

It turned out so well!! I love the bright colors with the new chair! :) Hugs, Holly

Feathers and Sunshine said...

So cute! I LOVE that sprocket pillow it's so happy and cheerful! Nice work chica! Speaking of back to school, I just finished setting up my school room and would love for you to come over and check it out!
Have a great day and thanks for some awesome eye candy, that was gorgeous!
Stacia@ http://www.feathersandsunshine.blogspot.com

Lauren @ mercy(INK) said...

This is the sweetest! I'm a huge thrifter and have been on the hunt for a little rocking chair for a while now but now luck yet ;) Would love for you to link up your sweet projects at the weekly (heart)&(home) link up at http://www.mercyinkblog.com/category/hearthome-link-party
have a lovely week!

Mel@Mellywood's Mansion said...

Your chair looks fantastic, I found you through Sew Much Ado, I'm currently blogging about my home redo , it's just begun, and I have a rocking chair in need of some love. I'll be sure to share it with you when I get to the living room :)

The Colorful Apple said...

Your chair looks beautiful! I am on the hunt for a rocking chair for my room right now and your tutorial is a big help!

Sara :)
Smiling In Second Grade

Laura said...

the chair turned out beautiful!

p.s. I love the look of your blog- I adore your header!

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