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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Necklace Refashion 2: Interchangeable Flowers

Hey everyone! 
 So it's been awhile since I've posted a real tutorial. Too much other life things happening. Like grad school. And teaching. And...well that's mostly it really, but - whew - those two things are kinda taking over right now. Since it's been so long without a great tutorial, It's high time you get something awesome. So here it is. Or at least I think so. :) 
I hope you enjoy this Interchangeable Flower Necklace Refashion! 
Okay, so the name is a little long, but that's okay. I'm long-winded so it works. 
I've gotten lots of compliments when I wear this necklace. You will, too if you make one! 
The necklace on the far left is what I started with. I lengthened it and added a flower that is interchangeable! 

 How much more fun is that necklace now! And you can change out the flowers to whatever you want!! I love multiple options!! 
 If you've been to my blog before you might have seen that I actually already refashioned this necklace earlier this week. Who would have thought I could do it again!
If you missed the first refashion, go check it out! 
The necklace that I started with had been sitting on its hook for years untouched. It was in good shape and had nice beads on it so I decided it just needed a redo. This necklace is very easy-even if you've never made jewelry before. All materials can  be found relatively cheap at your Hobby Lobby or Michael's store. 
1. Bent nose pliers
2. Flat nose pliers
3. Jump rings
4. small link chain (only about 4-6 inches worth)
5. Lobster clasps (I used two small and one large, but It doesn't really matter)
6. Filigree
7. Large link chain (13 inches, cut in half)
8. Felt circles that match the back of your fabric flower
9. Old necklace (mine was 16 inches long)
10. Fabric flowers you made or bought (not pictured above)
11. Hot glue (not pictured)

Let's get started! 
1. Take apart the old necklace.
Open the jump ring by holding one side of the ring with one set of pliers and holding the other side of it with your other set of pliers and simply pull apart. Your bent nose pliers are thinner and easier to work with so I usually position my flat nose pliers in my left hand to hold the jump ring stationary and then I use my bent nose pliers in my right and let them do most of the work. Here's my deconstructed necklace. I think I'll have to find something fun to do with that sweet little bow charm. 

2. Attach closure to the chain. 
My large chain was already cut in half and the perfect size (miraculously enough that was left over from a previous project!!) so I don't have a picture of measuring the chain and halving it. You need two 6.5 inch lengths of chain (if your old necklace is the same length as mine). This chain is huge and pretty strong so instead of cutting, pull apart a link (and then re-close it) to separate it into 2 pieces.

Now let's attach the lobster clasp to one end of the large chain. Open a jump ring (as shown above) and slide on the lobster clasp and the chain and then use your pliers to push the jump ring back together as it was before you opened it. Make sure it is fully closed. You don't want your necklace falling apart. That has, of course, never happened to me.... riiiiight. 

Then take your other piece of chain and attach the small chain to it using the same method. The small chain can be used if you want to adjust your necklace. You can hook the lobster clasp to the jump ring to close it or to one of the links in the small chain.

3. Attach large chain to old necklace.
Now open another jump ring and slide on one end of the old necklace and one end of your chain (whichever side you don't want the flower on) and close the jump ring back. 

1. For the other side use jump rings to attach the other two lobster clasps to both the chain and the old necklace. These will hook to both top and bottom of your fabric flower allowing you to change it out if you want. 
2. Attach jump rings to the top and bottom of your filigree.  This is what you will hook your lobster clasps to. The jump rings will help your lobster clasp lay flat.
3. Hot glue the filigree to the back side of your flower and then glue the matching felt circle on top of it. Only glue on the middle on top of the filigree and out to the edges of the felt circles on the sides only. Leave top and bottom unglued as shown so the felt can be pulled back to reveal your jump rings.
4. Attach lobster clasp on the old necklace to the bottom of your flower and attach the lobster clasp on to the chain to the top of your flower. Now let the felt fall back and your lobster clasps are hidden! 

I like to wear my flower a little lower so that the necklace has an asymmetrical look to it. Also so the flower isn't all up on my neck. Ha! 
If you're interested in making this flower, go see my Chain Wrapped Rosette tutorial.
This one is HUGE, but I love it.
If you're interested in making this flower, it's just an extra huge version of this flower tutorial
Who doesn't love leopard and old buttons? 
This flower is made using my Scrappy No-Sew Flower tutorial with black mesh in the middle.

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial!
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Unknown said...

LOVE the huge grey flower!! It's so cute. Great job :0)

Just Jaime said...

Pretty! I love all the possibilities! I really love pairing flowers with necklaces!

We're just starting a link up party and love it if you'd share there (if you are interested): http://www.waywardgirlscrafts.com/2012/03/wayward-weekend-week-6.html

ArtfullyJune said...

Very cute - I can't decide which look is my favorite.

Jessica at Me Sew Crazy said...

that is pretty cool, I am in love with that large gray flower!!!

Justine said...

Stopping by from Think Pink Sundays! http://queenofsavings.com

Unknown said...

What a great idea! I love all three. Saw your post Think Pink Sunday. :)

Nat and Holly said...

You are so adorable! I haven't emailed you for a while... just wanted to say hi and I LOVE this necklace and all the cute flowers. Hope you are doing well! - Holly

Michelle said...

What a cool idea, your flowers are great. Thanks for sharing.

Shazia said...

i love multiple options too! and that large grey flower is pretty cool. I'm linking back to this tute in my post, i hope that's fine :)

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