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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Ugly Sweaters and A Merry Christmas!

 Merry Christmas Eve!!!
In honor of Christmas I thought I'd share with you  my love for ugly/tacky Christmas sweaters and attire. I present to you this year's sweater and outfit.
 Wow, right? The cool part? Mr. Lovie picked out the whole outfit from our local Goodwill the day before knowing I could craft it into a great ensemble. The right sizes and everything. How good is he?!
 I may have woven that red plaid ribbon in throughout the holes from the knitting in the sweater and tied the bows in the front. And I may have done it in the car on the way to our party. What? haha.
 And of course I made the bow on my headband and my shoes.
 My speedy bow tutorial will come soon. I made all three bows in less than 15 minutes. Speedy, huh?
Here is Mr. Lovie and I in front of the tree at our friend's party... 
Lovely, yes? Good and ugly. :)
Of course Nixon Girl had to come. In a sweater. And her very own bow.
 The ugly/tacky Christmas sweater party started several years ago when my wonderful friends and I somehow managed to all live in the same apartment complex the year after we graduated. (Seriously, at one time there were 14 of us living in the same complex. It was so fun.) The picture above is most of us. Love this picture. It was clear that the tradition just had to continue. Even though we all live all over the place now, we still try to make it happen.
 And here's the skirt! Bonus! It's really cute! It's a wool skirt so it's nice and warm and it's a beautiful shade of bright red! Merry Christmas to me!
And it has pockets!! Woo hoo!! I just love great thrift store finds!

I hope you are having a great Christmas and enjoying this time with your families. I won't be posting this next week most likely as I am with my family and friends back in Lexington, Kentucky. I'll see you for sure after the new year! Merry Christmas!!

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Unknown said...

The skirt is actually super cute!! Mr. Lovie has a great eye :)

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