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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Anniversary Event Guest: Sew. Craft. Create with a Printable!

Hi! I am Heidi from sew.craft.create.
Thanks for having me over Allie!
I love making printables (I am constantly offering free printables!) and I wanted to make a cute Santa tag for my kidlets this year.
So my question is: Were you naughty or nice this year?
Be sure to hop over to my blog for another printable {here}!
b/c even the naughty deserve something nice!

So cute, Heidi! Thank you so much for joining in the Miss Lovie one year celebration!! I think kids would really get a kick out of those tags. And I know several adults who would, too! Ha! 

If you don't regularly go see Heidi like I do, then you should. She's always got some great ideas to share. 
Be sure to check out her holiday decor for this year: Naughty&Nice Printable and Martha Stewart Paper Evergreens, and some great ideas for gifts: Love Printable in 50 different languages! (I love this one), Crinkle Rocket Ship Toy for the sweet babies in your life (I love this tutorial for any crinkle toy!), and one of my favorites of Heidi's,  the Rope Bracelet.

Thanks for reading and come back tomorrow for another great guest post! 

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Rachel // Maybe Matilda said...

Oh my goodness, so fun! These might be my favorite Christmas tags yet. Pinned for gift-wrapping!

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