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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Anniversary Event Guest: Teach. Craft. Love. with a Wreath Tutorial!

Hi Miss Lovie followers!
 I hope you are as excited about Miss Lovie's Anniversary Event as I am. I'm honored that she has asked me to be a part of it. I absolutely love Christmas decorations and am excited to share this latest one with you. Every year I struggle with what to do to display all of the photo cards I get from family and friends. Last year I used clothes pins and it worked well but I am in a new house this year with new places to display things and needed something different. Now I'll be honest, what you are about to see is not my original idea. It totally flopped. So, the materials that I ended up using would not have been my first choice but I used what I had. Guess that just means I'll have to make another one next year? ;)

What you'll need:
*Fabrics/ribbons of your choice. (I used felt which is harder to work with for these kinds of things. I wish I had used cotton fabric but it worked out ok.)
*Wreath form that pins will go in. (Again, looking back I would have spent the extra money for the thick white foam but I have a straw one instead.)
*flat thumbtacks
*hot glue

For the wreath part, all I did was wrap felt around the wreath form. I used hot glue and straight pins to make sure it was extra secure.

For the thumbtacks you could do just about anything you want. I made a couple of different things.

Circle Flower:

Cut several circles. Use one as the base. Fold the others twice in half and glue on the base. There's not really a certain way to do this. Just add them as you go. Add a bead or other embellishment.


 I just tied a regular bow and then glued a small piece around the knot to give it a more polished look. Here you can see where I hot glued the thumbtack to the back.

Second flower:

This is another version of a flower. I cut long, thin strips (about 1cm) and folder them accordion style a little bit at a time and glued as I went around the circle. Again, add bead or embellishment to cover up the middle.

And this is what I got.... 

 You could do this in so many different ways which is what makes it so much fun. The flowers would have been much easier with thinner fabric. I had also hoped to use fabric button covers to make these but the felt was too thick. I may still try that if I need more pins. I had fun making the thumbtacks and of course this is something you could do for other cork boards you have in your home or office.

I hope you found this inspirational. Just think foam and thumbtacks and see where it takes you. My mind keeps thinking of other ways I could use these things so I hope yours does too. Thanks for reading!

Have a very Merry Christmas!
Oh, Dara. So cute!! That is a way better and prettier solution than taping them to the door frame haphazardly like I usually do. Haha. And you are right...there are so many different possibilities and different ways you could go with that wreath.

If you haven't been to see Dara at Teach.Craft.Love., please go visit her and say hi! She is my good friend in real life and was my inspiration to even start a blog. It is only appropriate that she be here to share on my blog's first anniversary!! And you've got to go see her beautiful Christmas table decorations and wreath from last year. I can't wait to see what other Christmas creations she comes up with!



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