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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Anniversary Event Guest: Positively Splendid with Printed Twill Ribbon Tutorial!

Hello, everyone! My name is Amy, and my blogging home is Positively Splendid. My goal is for my blog to be a haven of crafting and DIY inspiration, and a place where creative people of all skill levels can come and feel right at home. On any given day, you might find me crafting, sewing, or cooking up a storm. I would love for you to pop by and say hello!

I have to say that I am tickled pink to be here for Allie's first anniversary celebration! Today I'm sharing a quick and easy project idea for really kicking your holiday gift wrapping up a notch with a personal touch: Printed Twill Ribbon!

For this project, you will need:
Wording PDF files {{free downloads}} OR word processing software
Merry and Bright PDF
Joy to the World PDF
White twill fabric
Freezer paper
Computer printer
Rotary cutter and mat
Sewing machine and thread or fabric glue

step 1 /  Using your rotary cutter, cut a piece of fabric and freezer paper that is precisely 8.5x11 inches. It is very important that these pieces be cut exactly so that they will run properly through your printer! Use  your iron on a cotton setting with no steam to iron the freezer paper to the back side of your fabric, making sure the shiny side of your freezer paper is touching the fabric.

step 2 / (If using the provided downloadable PDF files, skip ahead to step 3.) Create a document using your word processing software with the wording you wish to appear on your ribbon. Make sure the page has a landscape orientation and that there is a bit of space between each row for trimming. For 1-inch-wide ribbon, you will need 8 rows of wording.

step 3 / Place your assembled fabric/freezer paper piece into your computer printer so that the image will print onto the fabric side of the piece. Print your wording onto your sheet, and leave the freezer paper backing attached.

step 4 /  (This is how the templates I've provided should be trimmed. If you've created your own, you'll have to trim according to your particular margins, etc.) Starting at the bottom edge of your page, trim 1/4" from this bottom edge. Now, trim strips that are 1" wide, so that your wording is centered in each strip. When you reach the top row of wording, trim the top of this piece so it is precisely 1 inch wide. Remove the freezer paper from the back of your strips.

step 5 / Overlap the ends of your strips and sew together using a zig-zag stitch. For a new-sew option, you can also use fabric glue for this step.

Your ribbon is ready to embellish any package that strikes your fancy!

Something that I think would also be really cute would be to use a pinking blade in your rotary cutter when trimming your strips.

In addition to the ribbon using the provided templates, I also made a personalized version with my son's name. I love the idea of using this ribbon with each child's name in lieu of gift tags this year!

Thanks so much to Allie for having me over today! I hope to see y'all at Positively Splendid very soon!


Oh, my goodness, Amy. I love love love this. Especially your idea about putting kids' names on it to personalize gifts. How much would my kindergarten students love me forever if I did that?! ha. Thank you so much, Amy for joining in the celebration!! 

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Amy @ Positively Splendid said...

Thanks so much for having me over, Allie! And happy blog-i-versary! :)

Melinda said...

Thanks for sharing and love the idea of putting a child's name on the ribbon!

Beverly {Flamingo Toes} said...

Wow Amy!! LOVE this idea!! They are so cute - and thanks for the printable to make them!!

best printer Boston said...

Nicely printed. I like the idea. bookmarked your blog.

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