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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Vintage Book Pumpkin Tutorial with Simple Simon and Co.

Hi. I am Elizabeth from Simple Simon & Co, where I blog with my sister-in-law (who has the same name) about sewing-especially vintage influenced, crafting, crazy thrifting finds, and $5 Fridays--where we see what can make for under $5!

In our house right now we are redoing our office space, and I got some new bookshelves for my birthday (yes, I asked for bookshelves and a dress form for my birthday---so it's ok). And I am finding that bookshelves can be hard to style. But out of my arranging and rearranging, and stacking and restacking the idea for this book pumpkin came about.

By the way, I am still rearranging those bookshelves....anyone have any great tips?

To make a book pumpkin you will need:
*5 books varying in size, biggest on the bottom to the smallest on top-- in varying shades of orange
*5 scraps of paper, varying colors of orange that match your books
*stem (I used a tree branch) and any stamp or sticker embellishments you want to use

I bought all my books at the thrift store and made sure that they were all in the orangish color family, I really liked the varying shades.

Here is what you do:

One thing to note, I love books. Really love books. I am a former teacher. And I sometimes can't bear to see old books chopped up. (I know, I know, it's a bit crazy). So, I didn't glue the books. I just tied them up with twine like you would tie ribbon on a package (really tight) and they have stayed perfectly. I also put the stem and leaf on using glue dots.....because I never know when I am going to need a book from the 80's on the Favorite Benefits of Canning....it may come in very useful someday!

Thanks Miss Lovie for having me today! What a fantastic idea to have all Halloween all week! I know I am going to be pinning a gajillion ideas.....

Simple Simon & Co


What a fun, unique project. I just love it. Aren't those fall colors so warm and inviting?  

I think when I stumbled upon Elizabeth and Elizabeth's blog, I was instantly blown away several of their skirts and outfits they had made for their daughters. And then I saw they had a $5 Friday section to their blog and I immediately clicked the follow button. Can you believe that these precious lace skirts , these hilarious mustached-cat pillowcases, and this  bustle skirt are all part $5 Friday?! I'm telling you if you head over to Simple Simon and Co., you will be instantly hooked like I was. You also might want to check out her shop where she sells beautiful hand-painted dolls!

And don't forget to check Elizabeth out over at Project Run and Play!! Her outfits have been to die for so far. Thanks, Elizabeth! 
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Thanks for reading! And check back tomorrow for another great Creepy Crafty Halloween project!
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