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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Triple Braided Necklace and Go Vote This Week!

Well my triple braided necklace with the flower and bow attachments barely squeezed past the first round in SYTYC. Here it is if you missed it! 
From this......
To This!!

Materials Used:lace window valence ($6) and (actually 3-had to go back for more) women's necklaces ($1.50 each) all found at Dollar General
What I came up with: a fun and playful triple-braided lace necklace with interchangeable accents: a flower and a bow.
Here's a close-up of the braid. It's kinda hard to tell how many braids I actually did to make it that thick, but I think it turned out super cool looking. I used the chain from the extra necklaces I had to go back and braided them in with the second set of braids so there's just a touch of shine to the braid. 
 I used velcro to attach the bow and the flower so they could be changed. 
This challenge was so fun!  I'll have to pop in dollar stores more often and think about how I can repurpose some cheap items! Hope you like it!!

I may do a tutorial later on this week.
Please go vote for your favorite thrift store craft this week over at SYTYC!!
Thanks! And thanks for reading!
OH! And don't for get to go comment on this post to win a wonderful 8x10 print by The Wheat Field!!



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