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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Check out the All About Easter Event!

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Go ahead, click that button. 
Everyone needs to go check out the wonderful Easter projects going on at Kiki Creates from now through April 14th!

So I'm sure you all know about the fabulous Kiki on Kiki Creates
There she is.
She makes amazing things like this:
Flower Pillow by Kiki Creates
and this:

Wreath by Kiki Creates
And does fabulous tutorials on beautiful things like this:
Ruffle Duvet Cover by Kiki Creates
Yeah, my jaw dropped like yours when I saw that bed, too. Beautiful.

Her guests make awesome things too! During the Easter Event she is featuring several wonderful bloggers' Easter projects 
Here are just a couple from the event so far:
Butterfly Mobile by Rebecca from Simple is That
IMG_0242edit.jpg (1066×1600)
Cute Printable by the girls from eighteen25
There's more on her blog now and there's more coming! 
Including my project!
Keep checking out her event through the end of next week to see more wonderful Easter ideas, including mine! It's gonna be good. 
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