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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Graduation Party Decor

I am one proud girl. My fiance graduated law school this May. He has worked incredibly hard and has stayed more focused than anyone I've ever seen throughout this whole process. 
Changing careers, moving two hours from where we're both from, spending lots of quiet evenings, weekends, holidays, etc. at home or the library studying will all pay off when Mr. Lovie passes the Ohio Bar Exam this fall and continues to practice here in Dayton shortly after! Then we'll get married. And then the fun starts. :) I'm so happy for him and so very proud. 

With all that being said, you may have figured out my reasoning for being so absent from the blog. Wedding planning, finishing out the school year with my kinder babes, moving to a new home, throwing a graduation party for our families and just other "life stuff" has kinda taken up all of my extra time. I really hope to be able to share much more with you this summer. I have a few really awesome jewelry tutorials I am dying to do, lots of sewing projects in mind, and, of course, plenty of diy wedding ideas on my list as well!! I know that my posting has been really sporadic, but I hope you'll stick around-I promise to make it worthwhile!

So back to the graduation celebration. I thought I'd share a few pictures. Our families live in different states than us and each other so we had never really gotten a chance to sit down and enjoy time together. I think it was a success! 
We cuddled a lot with this sweet little girl (Matt's niece), talked, ate (and then ate some more), watched the Kentucky Derby, and gave Matt high fives. 
We thew this party 2 weeks after moving into a historic home we're renting (that was in the middle of a couple renovations...) so it was a pretty crazy time. Major cleaning, organizing, and unpacking got done during those 2 weeks, and somehow the main area of the house was in decent shape for our guests! 

I made the table runner out of Kraft paper (purchased at a hardware store). I just painted some dots on it with paint from my stash and added a little ruffle to the bottom with a glue gun. The backdrop was made out of about 10 flattened moving boxes taped together with duct tape. I wanted the backdrop to be easy and CHEAP (because moving and parties are expensive) so I purchased some wrapping paper and wrapped the cardboard boxes. Since the boxes were free (thank you, school cafeteria) the backdrop was the same price as the wrapping paper. (yes!)

For the garland on top of the backdrop, I created some simple bunting with scrapbook paper, a paint pen, ribbon folded in half. I sewed the flags into the folded ribbon and done-easy banner! The tissue paper garland is my absolute favorite thing from this entire party, though. LOVE how easy it was and what an impact it makes. I used this tutorial, but I think I used 2 pieces of tissue at a time for a fuller tassel. I made a few tassels out of the kraft paper as well to tie in the tablecloth. 
 Using his law books as decorate the tables was a no-brainer. Easy, cheap, and a perfect theme. 
This pie was a beautiful centerpiece for the food table and the little flag bunting was so fun to make. I may or may not have made it while I was waiting for the pie to set in the fridge...Haha. 
Here' s the other table runner I made for the extra seating. 
 His school's colors were red and navy, but I made sure to incorporate that turquoise/ light blue color so I could use this torn fabric garland I made for his 30th birthday party last year. Matt told me to stop being such a hoarder when I said I was keeping it after the party last year, but see? I really did use it again!

I hope you enjoyed seeing the decorations from our little family party. 
I'll be linking up to my favorite parties on my sidebar.

Be sure to check back tomorrow for My Favorite Things Thursday

Thanks for reading!!



Jenna said...

Love it! Another great banner from you! Jenna @ Rain on a Tin Roof

Unknown said...
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John Browney said...

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