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Thursday, June 13, 2013

My Favorite Things Thursday: 10 Favorite Fast and Easy Recipes

Hello and welcome to My Favorite Things Thursday!!
Today I thought I'd share with you my most favorite fast and easy dinners I use ALL. THE. TIME. Seriously some of these I kind of have memorized I've made them so much. The reason I make them so often is simple: they are easy, delicious, and pretty fast. I did not include side dishes here because I usually make some sort of steamed/cooked veggies with nearly every dish. 

Be sure to click over and read about how easy and delicious they all sound! 
This may be the best discovery I've ever made. This recipe is also crazy cheep. Orange Marmalade, a tiny bit of seasoning, and good chops go a long way. This is the perfect dinner to cook when you don't feel like cooking because it takes next to no effort at all. Love that. 
If you love salmon, stop what you're doing and go make this. It looks and tastes fancy, but it is super easy. I always get the "wow, this is really good honey" every time I make this. 
This is another great go-to recipe because all it takes is a few spices and sugar you already have in your pantry and some chops! Easy. If you don't know the Budget Bytes blog yet, get on there and explore. So many great ideas.
Mmmm. My mouth is watering just thinking about this one. I love pesto and chicken and cheese so this dish is my heaven. I usually make this to serve over rice. Kalyn's Kitchen is another one of my fave cooking blogs.
Um, can I just say that parmesan cheese should always on top of fish. Yum. I know a mayo crust sounds a little weird, but it's amazing, I swear. Again, this is so easy!! 
This Parmesan crusted fish dish is a little more healthy than the one above since it doesn't have the mayonnaise, but it's just as tasty. 
Hello comfort food. Easy and customizeable for everyone in the family. Yes.
Ok, so confession: this one is not as fast as the others since there is a little chopping involved, but its so good I had to include it. You won't be sorry you spent an extra 10 minutes on this one. 
I don't even like hamburgers really, and I love these. Everyone I've ever made them for does, too. I use the lean beef and whole wheat tortillas to make it a little better for us and they're still great.
This recipe is great for lunch or dinner. We like to pair these with sweet potato fries!!

I hope you enjoyed reading about my favorite recipes. Be sure to check out my Recipes Board on Pinterest for more!

Feel free to leave links to your favorite fast and easy recipes. I always need more!!
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Kalyn Denny said...

Thanks for featuring my Pesto Chicken. Great round-up, I will share on my social media.

Unknown said...

Allie, I LOVE fast and easy recipes (who doesn't??). The recipes look so yummy! I'm especially looking forward to trying out that french bread pizza ;) thanks for posting, cheers!

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