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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Bridesmaids Jewelry and Drawstring Pouches

Just wanted to check in and show ya what I've been working on lately.
 Last weekend I was super busy working on these: 4 pairs of earrings and a necklace for a bride-to-be friend's bridesmaids. Their dresses were a deep purple chiffon and I have heard (the wedding was Saturday) that the jewelry looked great! 
 Cluster Earrings.
I don't remember how I learned to make clusters. I may have tried to follow a few tutorials, but I think for the most part, I figured out a way that works best for me. I'll have to say, before I made these for my friend, I wasn't that great at making them, but after making as many as I did, I feel pretty good about them. Ha!  I love clusters because the combinations of designs are endless! The pearl with the purple turned out so pretty. It was the bride's idea to add in the pearls to the purple and it turned out great!
 Cluster Necklace. Adjustable.
 Drawstring Pouches!! 
I used this great tutorial on Skip to My Lou to make them. They're so easy!!

I wanted to put the jewelry in some type of packaging but the chiffon drawstring pouches they sell at Hobby Lobby were $5.99 for 10 and 5 of them were black (which I didn't want). Like most crafters would, I thought in the store, "No way. I'll just make 'em," so I did. I had some extra fabric left over from making my sister's bedroom pillows and just whipped 6 up in an hour or so! The tutorial really is great. I ended up tying all of the ends in knots like the one in front so they wouldn't come apart, but I loved how they looked not tied, too. I like the fabric on my pouches way better than Hobby Lobby's. And the best part? They were free. 
I just love how they came together. If/when my online shop is made a reality, I like this idea for packaging. What do you think?  There are so many possibilities with using different fabrics, too! Too much work? Or is it worth it? 

Hope you had a great weekend and a fun holiday!


Haley{PairsandPours} said...

love these pouches! I need to finally buy a sewing machine and learn because there are so many cute ideas!

Erin said...

Allie- all the jewelry looked fabulous at the wedding! The perfect finishing touches. I love all your stuff and I'm jealous of your talent. I might need to have some Miss Lovie original for myself ;)

Jaclyn | One Thousand Oaks said...

I think that they look great and I like your packaging idea as well! =)

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