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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Thinking About Trying Something New

I'm thinking since it's summer (and summer = fun times), I will try something new. Trying new things is fun. In fact, I think I am so addicted to trying new things when it comes to crafting that I rarely truly perfect something. It's always so much more fun to create something new. So really, when you see stuff on my blog, chances are it's the first time I've ever attempted that kind of thing. If I do something twice, I either really really love it or it's a variation of something I've done before so it still feels new. Anyone else do this? 

So I'm sure my first picture gave you a hint, but the new thing I'm trying is: Mosaic art.  
The idea really came because I already have these lovelies:

Yeah. Hideous, I know. They were given to me once by a family member who knew I needed kitchen supplies and didn't want them anymore. I am very grateful for the donation and I even used them every now and then, but that eagle is just too much. I just knew those plates would be much prettier in little pieces.

Another reason I thought I might try mosaics is to add some excitement to my porch. 
Since I currently live in an apartment, the only way I can garden is through pots. I'm cheap so I don't buy the super cute fancy pots and instead plant mostly in terra cotta pots. The beauty of the flowers usually make up for the lack of excitement from their containers, but more color is always better, right?

Here are some beautiful mosaics I've found while searching for inspiration. No, I don't expect mine to turn out anywhere close to being as awesome as the following, but I can dream, right? 
MOSAIC DRESS!!!! Yes, please. 
Medium and Large Flower Pots
This is probably my fave.

I found some more dishes while thrifting so I'd be able to add more color.
Now, do I really know how to do mosaics? No, of course not. But I watched a video series from youtube on what materials to use, how to get started, and the process... and I'm feeling ready to try it.

If you need me, I'll be breaking stuff. 

 Told you they'd be prettier. Yesssss.

This project isn't meant to be professional, just fun. Have any of you tried mosaic art? I'd appreciate any friendly advice if you have!
Stay tuned for an update! 


~Damita's Pretty Wrap~ said...

I love tiling! I haven't done much of it, but the things you can make are really neat! I can't wait to see your finished project!! :)

Unknown said...

I love this - I definitely want to do some mosaics and was literally thinking about this the other day! Can't wait to see how yours come out and maybe you'll inspire me enough to make some of my own because I live in an apartment and do the container gardening thing too! : )

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