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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Exciting News and Some Blogs You Should See!

Okay I've been putting off sharing this exciting news with you because it came with some rules I had to follow, but I think I've finally got it all together soooooo... I wanted to let you know I was awarded the Stylish Blogger Award!
I was given the award by three lovely ladies: 
Malory at Snips and Spice, Anna at Blissful Whimsy, and ...M... at Require Life

Thanks so much! I was super hyped to receive this award!
(even if my lack of posting about it did not show I was. I've only been working on this post off and on for a few weeks...a month....whew. My crafting and blogging time has been limited for awhile because of school.)

So the rules for accepting the award are...
  1. Thank and link back to the blogger who gave you the award
  2. Share 7 things about yourself 
  3. Award eight recently discovered stylish bloggers
  4. Contact the bloggers and inform them of their award

When Malory over at Snips and Spice gave me the award she had given a brief description about each blog she awarded on a post. I liked this idea because it made me feel more deserving of the award and I could tell that she really put some thought into her choices. Soooo I'm going to do something similar! 

Here are 8 blogs I am giving the Stylish Blogger Award. And here's why you should check them out, too!
I found most of these while browsing links to linky parties. This is one of my favorite things to do in blog-land because I find (and bookmark) great ideas and discover great new blogs in the process!

Must-See Blog #1
Lauren and Michelle at Coffee @ 3 have the most fun "story" about meeting as neighbors and sharing the love for crafting and having to drink coffee at 3 pm to stay awake after chasing their kids. :) Being a kindergarten teacher, I can definitely relate. Caffeine is an absolute necessity. 
Check out some of their great projects!
Gotta Check it Out! Blog #2
 Christine over at Makin Mudpies has some great craft ideas along with some cool party ideas, too. Her Goldfish themed baby shower looks so fun!
Diaper Cake at her Goldfish Baby Shower
 As soon as I saw these owl pops she used to send out as Valentine's I added her blog to my list for this award. LOVE them (and all things owl).

Go There Now! Blog #3
Ali at Away We Go has a terrific blog as well with home-decorating, home-organizing, and craft posts!  I saw this on a link party and clicked immediately!
Love love love that grey against the red door on her yarn and hearts wreath!
 And this Organized Pantry simply blows my mind. Organization is not in my body. At all. Matty and I have that sized-pantry and it definitely looks way worse than her before pic do....maybe one day.

Gotta See This! Blog #4
Ellie at Homestitched is a new sewer, like me! And, also like me, (as she describes on her "About Me" page) she dreams about potential projects...haha. Love it.
These Anthropologie-Inspired-Ruffled-Pillows are to die for. I need to make them immediately. Check out the link for a great tutorial!

When I saw these Love-Struck Pillows on a linky party, I thought, "holy crap, that's cool." The one with the couple on it is from a picture of her and her love! Fun, fun.

You're Gonna Love this Blog #5
Dara over at Teach.Craft.Love is actually a personal friend of mine as well as a bloggy friend! She is a teacher, too, and creates some fantastic things! She's on a short blogging break at the moment, but will be back very soon (in a few weeks, I'd say) with some exciting news. In the meantime, check out her great projects!
I am in love with her Book Page Wreaths. The one on the left is a traditional one like the one she made me for my home (posted here) and the one on the right is made out of old Berenstein Bears Books! I believe it hangs in her classroom. :)
She has also got some awesome photography up on her blog!
And I just had to do one more because I absolutely love this wreath. Go see it and some other variations of it in her post, here.

Brand New Fun Blog to See Now #6
Go see Emily at Made With Emily Love if you want to see a a new-within-the-past-couple-weeks blogger who I know will keep creating great things!
I thought her Faux Drawer Tutorial was clever, easy, and cheap. A perfect combination.
I really love her Love Windows wall art made from windows she found at a thrift store for $20. Why doesn't that happen to me? I want those windows!!

Can't Wait to See What Else She's Got Blog #7
I was excited to find the lovely Jill at Mama Jill Blog. She is a mom of 2 and is about to open her first Etsy Shop! 
She beat me to making this Anthropologie-Inspired Necklace! I saw Anthropologie's Things Past Necklace one night while browsing their website and thought, "I need to make that...." Then I saw Mama Jill's version on a linkup party the next day. Haha. Great minds think alike??
Good news is Mama Jill is opening an Etsy Shop. Go see her New Shop Preview that shows this cute headband and many more fabric flower designs that will be in her shop.

So Hyped I Found This and You Will Be, Too Blog #8
Elizabeth and Elizabeth at Simple Simon and Company have some great great stuff. They married brothers so their names are the same (ha!) and are both former teachers turned into stay at home moms. Elizabeth and Elizabeth took up sewing a few years ago and have turned out some super-fun stuff. Both projects below are from their $5 Friday Category on their blog! 
I am really loving this $5 Lace and Cotton Skirt Project. She hand-dyed the lace orange and she has a cream lace version too. I think I need an adult version for me.

This Bustle Skirt is just awesome. She has a tutorial for it, too. 

Rule #2 for getting this award is going to have to wait until another post. I wanted to devote this one only to the deserving bloggers! Check back soon for Rule #2's 7 things about me. :)

Congratulations to all you fantastic bloggers!! Be sure to follow those rules when you accept your award.
Remember, I went a little overboard when finding and showcasing blogs to's not absolutely necessary to do it like I did. Others have just done quick links to worthy blogs.


Anna @ Blissful Whimsy said...

Yay for awards :o) I just wanted to let you know that I also gave you this award a while back I guess you missed it but..that means you've gotten it three times!

Emily Love said...

My first award!!! Thank you!!!

Coffee@3 said...

Thank you so much for choosing our blog for the Stylish Blogger Award!!! We are so honored and will gladly accept :). We love how you did a little feature on each blog...makes us feel super special! Thanks again. We will be working on our post this week.

Tina said...


Coffee@3 said...

Hi there...just wanted to let you know that we did our Stylish Blog award feature and linked back to you. Thanks so much for the shout out! Lauren and Michele Coffee At Three

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