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Monday, February 21, 2011

7 Things About Me

In my last post I talked about getting the Stylish Blogger Award, but I didn't follow all the rules yet. In order to accept the award, I'm supposed to share 7 things about here we go.

#1. I love and share my life with the most wonderful, perfect man for me. 
It's weird to think that less than 3 years ago we didn't know each other-it doesn't seem possible. When I'm with Matty I always think, "Oh. So this is how it is supposed to be." We just moved to Dayton, Ohio from Lexington, Kentucky so he could go to law school. I'm very proud of him. :)
We met in a bar...our favorite bar...through friends, though. Quit judging me. I didn't know he was interested in me and I wasn't really looking to find anyone. Then he just kinda started popping up everywhere I was. Stalker. 
I loved it.
On our first real date we carved pumpkins (his idea). He didn't even know about my over-the-top obsession with fall and Halloween then. The picture above is of us a year later. 
We tend to take over any and every dance floor. "What? We're the only ones out here? Oh well."
We love going on adventures together.
And he never fails to make me laugh. Like, every day. 
We have a precious shih-tzu, named Nix. We love her. She's deathly afraid of cameras So this picture is close to miraculous.

#2 I have the best sister evarrrr, and family, too.
This is Maggie. Love her. Visit her awesome blog here.
My parents, with a lot of help from my grannies, raised my sister and me. I love them very much.

#3 I went to a small liberal arts college where I met the most amazing, best friends in the world.
Even though we don't live together anymore or even live close to each other anymore (for most of us)...I think of them often. Getting together every now and then is so great. 
The Alpha Chi chapter of Sigma Kappa sorority (and other Greek organizations...) was my gateway to meeting and becoming truly great friends with the people I love so much. 
Ahhhh Sigma K! (what?)

#4 I love teaching kindergarten.
picture found here. (I need to make those letters!!)
Wish I could share some of the funniest, sweetest pictures you've ever seen in your life of my munchkins, but I don't think their parents would appreciate it. I'm so lucky to have a job I really love.

#5 I've never been athletic. I loved being in band.
(This is not our band. I don't have too many pictures-or I can't find them)

This sweet little part of my life is one that often got me made fun of in college (and still does, really). I don't care. For some reason, at my tiny little high school, band was cool. All my friends were in it. (I know that doesn't make you believe me when I say it was cool, but whatever. It was.)
 I was in marching, concert, and pep band in high school and continued on with concert and pep in college (for scholarship reasons, mostly). In high school, I lived for marching band. I was the drum major (field commander, whatever) for 2 years, I played clarinet for the others, and loved every minute. If my future children say, "Mom, I don't want to play football/be a cheerleader...Can I be in the band?" I will be absolutely ecstatic. 
(Sorry, Matt.)

#6 I very rarely wear a different color nail polish other than red. And all my friends laugh at me for having 30 shades of the "same" color.
I googled "red nails" and came up with this picture from this blog by a girl who seems to have the same problem as me. ha.

#7 I'm really excited to be a mom.
No, not today. Not tomorrow, or even in the next few years. And thank goodness for that. But someday. And I can't wait.
my mom and me. 

Hope you enjoyed these tidbits of my life. This was a fun post to write.

Now back to crafts.

 I made the dog sweater for the Martha Stewart Craft Along I discussed in this post-kinda. 
Will post soon. 


Ellie said...

I love that you love Halloween...I'm kind of obsessed too. AND, marching band was cool at my high school to! Thanks for giving me this award! Super nice of you.

Maria-Isabel @ Agape Love Designs said...

You are too cute, I LOVE that pic of you and your man dancing! :) The only ones out there, with out a care, only seeing each other and totally into it! Such a precious moment! :)

I am super close to my sisters too.. they are the best and such a blessing in my life. I will have to check out your sisters blog! :)

I love the color red too, but I hardly ever paint my finger nails.. I always paint my toenails. My finger nails chip way too fast and I feel like they look ugly so I cant get myself to paint them.. unless its clear polish! haha

And that last picture of you and your mom...priceless. :)

This was such a cute post, I love getting to know more about the people behind the blogs! :)

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