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Sunday, December 12, 2010

More Wreaths and Sewing in Progress

I saw this fabric at JoAnn's and had to have it. Luckily I found it on the day all Christmas fabrics were 50% off. Trips to the Super JoAnn's 5 minutes from where I live can get pretty expensive.
I just love this one especially. That little heart tree is precious. I am working on a few sewing projects that will eventually be gifts using this fabric. I will post the finished products soon so keep checking back!! Sewing is very new to me since I just got my machine only a month or so ago but I'm catching on! Thanks to the best boyfriend in the world I have a great machine and I LOVE sewing so far. :) 

In the meantime, here are a couple more wreaths I made for the holiday season!
This first one is a revamp of two wreaths I already had: a pre-lit wreath I'd gotten at Wal-mart the year before and didn't have a place for this year and a scraggly tired berry wreath that was on it's last leg. 

I simply put the berry one on top of the pre-lit one, secured them together with floral wire and attached a red bow. I wanted to use Martha Stewart's idea here on how to attach a wreath to a mirror, but I didn't have any thumb tacks and I didn't want to take the mirror down since it was no fun to get up on the wall. Instead of using tacks I just took my hot glue gun and put a dot of glue on each side of the ribbon and attached it to the back of the mirror where it stuck out from the wall some. Perfect. It's been up for a couple weeks so I think it's secure. Isn't hot glue amazing?!

I made this one for my sister's door. Again, I just got an evergreen wreath at Hobby Lobby on sale to work with. I got the berries (some are shimmery and some are glittery) at Hobby Lobby also while all their decorations were 50% off. I got the ribbon that I tied in a bow and the silver curly-Q things from Wal-Mart! I'm telling you, they've got a great selection this year! The curly-Q things came in a bunch and I just cut them apart. I attached everything with floral wire.

Wow, we've got a lot of snow where we are! Hope you are toasty, warm, and safe where you are! 

Merry Christmas!


jandjhome said...

I love those curly things. So pretty and classy. Love it.

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