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Monday, December 13, 2010

Jewelry Obsession= Great Gift ideas

I love jewelry. Finding the perfect necklace or a great pair of earrings is just the best. Receiving them as a gift is always a great surprise when the person who bought it for you really knows what you like. Making and giving jewelry is one of the quickest, most fun gift you can make for someone that really makes a big impression. Perfect for the holidays!
This is by far my favorite piece of jewelry I've made and have given 3 different variations of it as gifts. I found the tutorial here a while ago.I also made a version of this necklace with black flowers (not pictured) that I caught on something while teaching and need to repair. Maybe when I remake it I'll do a tutorial on it :) Stay tuned.
This is the same necklace, but shorter, and I made the petals differently. I used the same technique as described in the tutorial above, except I decided to simply use circles instead of flower shapes. I think I like the circle look better. You could make these flowers to go on this necklace, and also on hair clips, brooches, etc. They're so dainty and pretty!

Here are a few pairs of earrings I made. Earrings are great handmade gifts because they're quick to make!
All my inspiration and most parts used to make the earrings are from Etsy. I had full intentions of creating an Etsy shop for my jewelry and then got distracted with grad school, moving to a new state, and, of course, more crafts. 
The pair with the leaves pictured 2nd from the left are my faves. If you see me often at all you've seen me wear these at least a million times. Most of the rest of the earrings are ones I'd made actually to go in a future Etsy shop. Maybe one day soon...

You can make your own jewelry too! Earrings are an easy place to get started. Just google "how to make earrings" and you'll find all kinds of great instructions. Make a few smart purchases on Etsy or at your local craft store, grab some tools 
and you're ready! The possibilities are endless!

All this talk about making jewelry is getting me inspired to get back to it. Too many projects going on at one time! AH!

Ok, friends and family! Get ready to get your annual jewelry gifts. :)
Linking this post to a Holiday Linky Party going on at tatertots and jello! Check it out! There are all kinds of great homemade gift ideas and tutorials!



Meream said...

Those are beautiful!
Really classy. Thanks for the wonderful comment on my blog! :)

Michele {The Scrap Shoppe} said...

Beautiful necklace! I love these for gift giving. I've got two I need to finish before Christmas!! Thank you for linking this beauty up to Homemade Christmas!

Send gifts to pakstan said...

Really nice and beautiful thought. thanks for the idea. Do you have some simple collection of gifts?

Send gifts to pakistan said...

Beautiful necklace!

Jeffry said...

That necklace is chic! Good job, Allie. Your sense of taste when it comes to jewelry is impeccable. This accessory will definitely make every lady look highly fashionable and undoubtedly gorgeous. Good job!

Jeffry Pullam

Unknown said...

Jewelry making sounds great! I love collecting jewelry but I never actually thought of making one. I Googled some instructions and found so many results. This is a must try for huge fans of accessories. Thanks for the idea, Allie. Your blog page is awesome!

Paige Low

general manager said...

it looks really cool for gift,
"gift ideas for wife"

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