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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Fabric Fridge Frame

Happy Holidays, all! 

I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season. My blogging has been slow due to working hard on last-minute gifts (including this fabric frame) and traveling to visit families for the holidays. I'm actually in Savannah, GA now posting this while visiting Matt's family! I hope everyone else is loving their times with their families, as well.

Remember how I said I would be posting some projects made using this precious Christmas fabric I found in this post, here? Well here's the first one! I made this frame and a few others for some teacher friends at school and a parent who helps in my classroom as their Christmas gifts. I used this tutorial that I found while browsing some of my favorite blogs.
This frame is for your fridge and has magnets on the back.

Since it is past Christmas, :) you can use other cute fabrics to make a frame that you can use year-round.

(Please excuse the poor quality of these pictures. My camera is far from professional and I took these around 7 am before going to school.)

I did my first one exactly like Jessica on How About Orange, but it wasn't puffy enough for me. On the next frames I made, however, I used 2 layers of batting and wrapped them around the back of the frame instead of cutting them exactly the same size of the frame so the frame would appear more puffy. I also used hot glue for all frames. When trying to decide what glue to use hot glue is always a great, easy choice. :)

Hopefully the holiday madness is beginning to slow down and I'll be posting more often. Check back soon!


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