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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Ornament Wreath

I just love how this ornament wreath turned out!

 I was inspired by Martha Stewart's ornament wreath on her website: Martha's version.

We all know how incredible Martha is, but sometimes her instructions can be complicated and supplies hard to find- at least for me anyway. So instead of purchasing a wire wreath form and ornaments on wire stems (where do you even find those?!) I opted for an easier, more-cost-effective version. 

I bought several boxes of ornaments at Wal-mart (their selection was so great this year!), both large and small. I bought the evergreen wreath and foam wreath form on sale at Michael's. Whatever size you choose, your foam wreath form should fit just around the inside of your evergreen wreath as pictured below.
First, I used floral wire to attach the wreath form to the evergreen wreath in several places around the wreath. I feel like I saw someone else make a wreath similar to Martha's against an evergreen wreath, but I'm not sure where.
Then glue on your ornaments, alternating colors. Glue the large ones on first, ornament stem down. (I removed all the ornament tops that hold the wires before this step because I was afraid the silver and gold would show through, but if you put on plenty of ornaments you may not have to worry about that step.) I glued down clusters of large ornaments first and then glued the small ones in the open spaces.

When gluing the ornaments I first glued the ornament to the wreath form then put spots of glue on the ornaments that would be touching the one I was gluing down. The hard part was guessing where they would actually touch. Once you get going, though, it gets easier.
 I started gluing in one spot and worked until I got all the way around the wreath ensuring there were as few open spaces as possible. Fill any open spaces with small ornaments. It's okay to glue small ones right on top of the big ones. This wreath is BIG. 
Hang it up and adore the merriment it creates! This wreath is very large and makes a big statement on my front door. I'd show you the big picture of my entire door, but my apartment hallway is less than exciting. 

Happy Holidays!!
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YAY! My wreath was featured! :)


Sara said...

That is A-mazing!!! So clever to use the evergreen and the foam! Look forward to more post! :)

jandjhome said...

Wow! This looks so good and so huge. I love the color combination.

Michele {The Scrap Shoppe} said...

I love this with the evergreen in the background! I haven't seen this before. I just finished one of these and just LOVE it! These are the cutest wreaths! Thank you so much for sharing this on Homemade Christmas! :)

scrapfancy said...

What a great idea. Yeah if I could find all the supplies to make these and have the money it would be great. Your idea is wonderful.

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