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Friday, August 19, 2011

New Look!!

Soooo...What does everyone think of the new look on the blog?!

Working with Molly over at Life Made Lovely Designs has been such a great experience. I love her attention to detail, willingness to decipher what I was even talking about and then make it happen, and her beautiful design abilities. I had no idea my blog could look so awesome. I hope you like it, too. You're the one that really counts anyway. :) What do you think????
Life Made Lovely-Designs
If you're thinking about giving your blog an update, go check out Life Made Lovely Designs! You will be so happy you did!

Just really quick, if you are reading this Friday night and haven't voted yet, head on over to SYTYC Season 9 Auditions' voting poll and vote for your favorite project! 
I'm auditioning and am trying to make Top 10! Tonight's the last night you can vote! Thank you!!!

Tomorrow I'm headed to Lexington, Kentucky's Woodland Art Fair for some fun handmade shopping and frolicking in the park. I'm hoping to find something super fun that I probably really need. 
American Founders Bank Woodland Art Fair
Will I see any of you there? 



Bella @ Bella before and after said...

Very cute Allie, and Life Made Easy has a really cute site, and VERY reasonable prices, YAY. I'm following them now too.

You blog looks amazing Miss Lovie :)

p.s. If you get a chance I'm inviting you over to my blog, I'm kinda having a HUGE giveaway going on, and you MIGHT like it, (or LOVE it). I'd be so happy to have your support!
Hugs, Bella :)
**$5 for every LIKE giveaway** @ Bella Before and After
**$200 SHOP till you DROP giveaway** @ Bella Before and After.

Rachel // Maybe Matilda said...

I love the new look! Beautiful!

Rebecca said...

I love the new look!

Heather from Life Made Lovely Designs did mine a few months ago. :)

Katie said...

Aw, I wish I was heading to Lexington this weekend and not next!

Your blog looks great! It also loaded a lot faster when I clicked over--who knows why, but it's an added bonus, no?

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