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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

If You Really Love Me....

If you really love me you will:
forgive me for being MIA for the past week and know that I have been pretty much living in my classroom trying to get ready for the upcoming year of teaching kindergarten (kids come next Tuesday!!). I promise there are lots of fun things in store on the blog very soon. Be sure to stick around to find out what!
Go vote for your favorite So You Think You're Crafty Project for Season 9!! That's right. I entered the SYTYC contest this season, and my project along with 13 other lovely projects are up on the site now, waiting for your votes!!

If you're not familiar with the contest, So You Think You're Crafty has a theme every week and each competitor must create something based on that theme and voters (you!) decide who moves on the next week. The competitor with the least votes each week must leave the competition and the competitor with the most votes wins that round. I'd love to at least make the top 10. Go browse and go vote!! 



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