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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Mish Loviiiieeee

After saying, "Yeah I just started a new blog that keeps track of my craft adventures!" The question inevitably is "Cool. What's the name of it?" When I answer, "Miss Lovie," sometimes I get this face:

Haha. Not really. But I do get a few weird looks which are usually quickly turned into reassuring smiles so they don't hurt my feelings. I don't feel like the name of my blog is that weird- I love it, of course, but you could use an explanation, I suppose.

Before crafting, teaching was all I did really. Actually, it STILL is- I just fit in crafting as much as possible (and more than I need to probably for my job's sake sometimes). When I finally discovered that teaching was my true passion in college (after switching from pre-med-HA! What doctors have time to craft?!), I did my student teaching in a small town near Lexington, KY (where I'm from) and met a creative little person there who was sweet, loving, and always thought out of the box. It was students like (let's call her "Sam") "Sam" who made me love love love my job.

I so wish I could post her picture here because it would really help you get all that was her in your head.

I'll try to explain: She was a petite, spunky 2nd grader with mousy brown hair and a smile that took over her face. For some reason, from day one she ADORED me (a little creepily adored me sometimes, but it was still somehow sweet. haha.) She hugged me so much that it began to interrupt my teaching and we had to make a deal that she could hug me twice a day- once in the morning and once in the afternoon. Of course, this child refused to call me by my name and deemed me, "Miss Lovie." She had a slight speech thing going on, though, so it was more like "Mish Lovie", and every morning she'd greet me with a smothering hug while batting her eyelashes at me, and would drag out her words, saying, "Hellooo, Mish Loviieee!"

She was the kind of kid who was super curious about everything and loved to learn new things (what teacher doesn't love those kinds of kids?!) and was just a cool kid. For one assignment they had, the kids wrote about how to take care of a certain pet. "Sam" wrote about how to take care of earth worms and it was really, really detailed. Funny.

She loved having me as a teacher and I loved getting to know her and watching her grow. From then on, I wanted to be Mish Lovie for all my students -someone they loved, and felt loved by, trusted, respected, learned from, and had fun with. Miss Lovie would be a great (now) kindergarten teacher's name wouldn't it? "Sam" was crafty, too...for my going away gift she painted a tiny vase for me. I've been turning my apartment upside down for it the past couple days, but I think I lost it in the move. :(

Of course, my boyfriend, Matt, knew nothing of the story of "Sam" and her nickname for me, but often called me Lovie and Miss Lovie when we first started dating (and still does every day) just because. Teaching and my love for a wonderful man are the biggest parts of my life- it only made sense that I would call myself Miss Lovie for blogging (and possible future Etsy) purposes. Here's some pics of Mr. Lovie and me just so you can tell how wonderful he is, too....
Halloween 2010, Keenland 2010

Hilton Head Island, Christmas 2010

Outer Banks 2009, New Years 2010, First Valentine's Day date: sushi!

So there you have it: the reason behind the name. Might be a little silly, but it fits, and I like it. Hope you do, too :)

Sorry if I bored you during this post...I will have something crafty soon. I finished report cards last night. Unfortunately they have taken over my life for several days and I haven't been able to do anything fun! New posts soon, though. I've got some Valentine's and jewelry ideas I want to try!


Sara said...

Best post yet!! I love, love, love it Mish Lovie! Wonder how "Sam" is these days? I hope she is still as curious, adventurous, and hopefully crafty!

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