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Monday, January 17, 2011

Circle Lace Earrings

I created these on accident. I was trying to re-create the earrings like these on Happy Together, but I tried to just remember the tutorial without looking at it. I hadn't actually looked at her tutorial for her fabric flower earrings in a long time and skipped the step of folding the flowers and sewing them together. After making these, I looked at her tutorial, realized I'd missed a step, and tried them her way. I think the lace works better as simple flat circles, though. When I sewed them like Jessica had, they turned out really weird. I decided I liked the way mine turned out fine. :)
Here's how I did it!
Find some pretty lace and cut out 6-8 circles per earring. I cut my circles out of the edge of the lace shown in the picture above. 
Once you stack the circles on top of each other put a few stitches in the middle of the circles, and then add the pearl and sew a few more stitches. I used invisible thread (aka fishing line) for sewing.
I like to put just a touch of hot glue under the pearl for extra security. You can find posts like these at just about any craft store that sells jewelry supplies for pretty cheap. 
After you get the pearl glued down, glue the flower to your post. (Ignore my Christmas decorations still up. Yikes. That's #1 on my to do list tomorrow!)
I probably should have sprayed the lace circles a long time ago before sewing the pearl on, but I forgot. The spray didn't hurt the pearl so it's cool. 
And you're done!
 Here I am modeling them for you. (Don't get jealous of my super professional camera.)
 And again...
I made these for a friend for Christmas and just had to make some for me, too. I love them.

I also made these:
and a sweet fabric flower using this tutorial on V and Co

ALSO...remember how I said I wanted to start making more jewelry and had some ideas I wanted to try? Stop back by tomorrow for a tutorial on how to make this necklace! 
I'm really excited about it! Aren't you?

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Nicole@thiscreativeadventure said...

You earrings look great. I actually purchased a necklace that looks like one you are going to make, I should have waited for your tutorial! Thanks for your kind comments on my chair makeover. My wall is actually stenciled, not wallpapered. There is a tutorial on my blog if you want to give it a shot! Thanks again!

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