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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

30 with 30 Challenge! Join me!!

So I've decided to participate in the 30 with 30 Challenge that the Small Things Blog and From My Grey Desk  are hosting
The idea is to use 30 items from your wardrobe and mix them up to make 30 outfits. This includes jewelry, shoes, tops, and bottoms. I love clothes and I've toyed with doing outfit posts on here before, but I could never get it together. I also LOVE mixing up the things in my closet to make unexpected outfits. I thought this challenge would be a good way to motivate me to start outfits on my blog as well as an opportunity to get creative with my wardrobe. 
 Today was their week 2, but I just started, so I'm sure you could, too! Just go for a week or two after they do on your own blog. 

So let's get on with the outfits. I'm visiting Matt's family in Bluffton, South Carolina near Hilton Head so I had to make due with what I brought which meant no belts. That's right. This girl who LOVES belts forgot ALL of mine at home. Tragedy. Don't worry. I'll work a belt or two into my next outfits. :)

Outfit #1: Neon Herringbone Dress, Pendant Necklace, Gold Chain Flats
I snagged this dress at Target the second I saw it. Love the neon and subtle herringbone design. These gold flats are my favorite because (they're gold, duh) and they have chain on them!! This pendant necklace is also one of my very favorite pieces. It was on sale at the JCrew outlet and I knew it needed to be mine. Love this outfit for anything. Add a cardigan and it's perfect for work. Add a jean jacket or blazer and it's perfect for evening. Wear it as is for ever day! Easy summer dresses (and cardigans) are my staple.
Gold Chain flats: Guess brand from DSW, Spring 2012 (my FAVES), Neon and Tan Herringbone Spaghetti Strap Dress from Target, Spring 2012, Charm Pendant Necklace from JCrew Outlet, Spring 2012
Outfit #2: Blue Floral Tank, Short Sleeve Cardigan, Yellow Cuffed Shorts, Gold Chain Flats,
Love love this colorful summer outfit. Those yellow shorts are my favorite. Love this outfit for running around doing errands or to lunch with friends during the summer.
Blue floral top from Old Navy, Spring 2012, Short Sleeved Cardigan from Ann Taylor Loft, Fall 2011, Yellow Cuffed Shorts from Forever 21, Summer 2011, Bangle from Target, Spring 2012, Flats used again, Pendant chain used again

Outfit #3: Neon Herringbone Dress, Cream Curb Chain Necklace, Tan Skirt, Cardigan and Gold Chain Flats
Yep. I tucked that dress into a skirt and added a cardigan. Tucking a dress into a new bottom is one of my favorite tricks to get more bang for your buck with my wardrobe. This would be an outfit I'd wear to work for sure.
White Three Quarter Sleeved Cardigan from Old Navy, Summer 2011, Tan Skirt from Forever 21, Fall 2011, Cream Curb Chain Necklace from Forever 21, Winter 2011, Neon Herringbone Dress used again, Bangle used again, plus another bangle paired with it also from Target, Spring 2012
another jewelry pic

Hope you enjoyed the first outfit post here! I hope to do more! You should all link up at the 30with30 Challenge too every Tuesday at From my Gray Desk!! 


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