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Sunday, June 10, 2012

20 Summer Braid Hairstyle Tutorails

Once again, I didn't get My Favorite Things Thursday up on the designated day...but this one is a big enjoy!

Summer is hot. Like, really hot sometimes. And those of you who have long tresses, like me, probably tend to throw that hair up immediately when the sweat starts to drip... Why not throw it up in a braid or two instead of a pony?

I've been loving all the braided hairstyles I've been seeing around blogs and Pinterest. I've been dying to try some. If you missed today's post from earlier, you should check out one I did try via a professional hairdresser! Now I can't wait to try some on my own. I think the fishtail braid or a braided bun are next on my list.
All the links below have either a picture tutorial or a video tutorial.

Tucked Away Braid  by Kate at The Small Things
Kate has some phenomenal hair tutorials. I'm sure you've seen them all over Pinterest. You really have got to check out her blog!
Bun Braid by Kate at The Small Things
I just love the loose curls surrounding it. Very romantic. It looks beautiful from the front as well.
Braided Bun by Manuela at Join the Mood
I recently found Manuela's blog via Pinterest. She's got some really great ideas.
Braided Bun by by Abby at My Yellow Sandbox via Jamielyn iHeartNaptime
Abby's another blogger with a ton of great hair tutorials...You will never believe how she did that braided bun...she used ribbon...just go watch the video!
Braided Crown Tutorial by Abby at My Yellow Sandbox
Love this one. What a fun way to mix up having your hair just down.

Braided Updo by Keiko Lynn at Keiko Lynn
Keiko Lynn is great. This hairstyle is a lot easier than it looks, too!!
Braided Updo  by Maria at Caribbean Missionary Wife
This one is really similar to Keiko Lynn's version, but it's styled messier and looks so different that I had to include it!
Pretty Side French Braid Low Updo by Maegan at ...Love Maegan
One of my faves for sure. Maegan also has a picture of this with the braid down and pulled out loose and it's also really pretty. She's always got great videos, too.
Hunger Games French Braid by Maegan at ...Love Maegan
Well, hello, Katniss.
Best Kept Braid Secret by The Beauty Department
I liked this idea from The Beauty Department...
Quick and Simple Braid Updo by Savannah at Oh So Pretty: The Diaries
These are so cute. Savannah has a fun and easy way to do them up, too.
How To Style A Fishtail Braid by Kinsey at Kinsey M Hire Photography via A Beautiful Mess
Oh fishtails ore my new obsession. I haven't figured out how to braid mine and keep all my layers from sticking out. I'm going to keep trying though. Maybe if I wear it curly, they'll look like they're there on purpose.  There's a photo tutorial in the link above, but I also like this video tutorial: 
How to Style a Side Braid by Katie at Skunk Boy
Katie has such great style when it comes to hair. I love everything she does, plus that hair color is awesome. So vibrant. I love how messy this one is. Looks effortless.

How To Style a Side Braid -Two more ways! by Sarah at Sweet Nest via A Beautiful Mess
The same braid...two ways! I had to include a "headband braid". The second option is so fun!
Dutch Braid Bun by Gina at Crochet Clouds
A dutch braid is just an inside out french braid. I learned that from Gina. This is an easy and simple idea...and again, I think her hair color really sells this look!
Boho Braid by Taylor via The Beauty Department
Here's another double french braid idea, but without the bun. Very pretty.
Heidi Braids Crown by Joanna at A Cup of Jo
Joanna describes this style as a great one to go running around on the town in or to ride bicycles in. Love it. It's so fun.
Cascade Braid by Sarah of Sweet Nest via A Beautiful Mess
These cascade or "waterfall braids" are all over the place. And I don't think they're as hard as they look!!
Partial French Braid Cascading Hair by Maegan at ...Love Maegan
And another waterfall braid... with a video. And she does it a little different than the link above, too!

And just for kicks, here's another picture (not a tutorial) of more braids....

Hunger Games Wedding by Wedding Chicks
Nuts, right? It's so ridiculous, but so gorgeous. I had to include this because, let's be honest, Katniss has totally had a huge part in inspiring the braid craze. 

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