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Sunday, April 14, 2013

BHLDN Knockoff Bridal Earrings

Hey friends! Turns out, I am still alive. I know it has been for.ev.er. since I've posted, but I hope to be better about it soon. 

A lot of things have been happening around here. Teaching and end of year preparations, wedding planning, (rental) house hunting, and (rental) house finding!, and now moving- next weekend. Also, Mr. Lovie's graduating from law school in a few weeks and this girl is planning the party for him and our families. Whew. It won't slow down for awhile now, but it's all good and exciting things. So in the meantime, I'll pop in every now and then...Come May 24,the last day of school, I can be around a lot more I hope!

So last month, I wrote this tutorial for these BHLDN Knockoff Bridal Earrings on 30 Handmade Days and I even forgot to share it with you! 
I love checking out the BHLDN website from time to time to check out all the beautiful things I can't afford :) and when I found the Dawn's Harvest Earrings under the Bridal Jewelry section for $280, I knew I could knock them off pretty easy! 

Thanks for reading! I'll be linking up to the parties on my sidebar.


Unknown said...

This is a great idea - I wonder how you could make these as clip ons since I don't have pierced ears! This would also look beautiful in a boudoir photography shoot as well! They're so elegant :)



Unknown said...

Beautiful earrings! They look exactly like the BHLDN version.

Unknown said...

WOW!! These jewelry is beautiful. I was searching for some beautiful Wedding Earrings which should be worn on an engagement ceremony as I had an engagement, I came across a versatile link for this and I got highly impressed by looking at the stuff. I ordered my engagement earring.

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