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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Color Block and Scallop Valentine Wreath

I know I'm really late in posting any Valentine projects, but I couldn't not post it. :) I have had this wreath mostly done besides the hand embroidery for the past week and a half, but have had a hard time finding the time to finish it! I've been trying to narrow down some vendors for my wedding and, of course, at school. I hope you know I would definitely rather be blogging!
So this wreath was so super fun to make. As soon as I saw this Scallop Felt Ghost Wreath by Tatertots and Jello, I just knew I had to make a wreath using those felt scallop strips. SO cute. I thought it would be fun to add in some extra color besides just my usual go-to color for valentine red. I love how the color blocking turned out and the scallops are precious.
The various garlands were so fun to make, too. Cuteness.

If you'd like to make one too, follow along! 
Materials Needed
straw Wreath Form (with plastic left on)
15 red strips of felt cut into scallops (25 x 4 inches for all strips)
5 pink strips of felt cut into scallops
and 3 white strips of felt cut into scallops
hot glue gun
coordinating embroidery floss and needle
various garland materials: more felt, ric rac trim, tulle, matching thread, embroidery floss
Cover the wreath in scallop strips.
Cut felt into strips and then cut out scallops using the template. You can print the template onto card stock, cut out tape together and it creates a long scallop strip about 25 inches long.  Pin the strip to a couple or 3 strips of felt at a time and cut around the template. 

Once strips are cut, start wrapping red scallop strips around the wreath form, making sure entire form is covered and scallops' hills and valleys are alternating. Use hot glue to secure. 
Cover about 3/4 of the wreath in red scallops. Cover about 3/4 of the remaining portion of the wreath with pink and then cover the remaining portion white. To end the wrapping part, tuck the flat end under some scallop hills and valleys and glue to secure so you can't tell where the end is. 

Create garlands and attach to wreath.
Heart Garland
To create the simple heart garland, just cut out hearts from two pieces of felt at a time to get matching hearts. hot glue one of the matching hearts under the ric rac and then the other matching heart on top. Continue until length of ric rac is full. I alternated Large pink hearts that  I later embroidered using a blanket stitch and smaller red hearts. 

Tulle Pom Garland
To create the tulle pom garland, cut a 10 by 6 inch length of tulle (I like to use these tulle rolls you can find at Hobby Lobby). 
Fold the tulle over itself three times and then up again once. 

Cut all the edges off the folded tulle to create a stack of tulle strips. Use a matching piece of thread to tie a knot in the center of the strips. Cut lengthwise cuts into the tulle up to the tied center on both sides. Trim the ends to make the tulle more square and ready to be fluffed into ball form.

Fluff the tulle into a ball. Fold the tulle ball over ric rac and secure wit hot glue. Continue for entire length of ric rac. 
Fringe Garland
The fringe garland should be pretty self explanatory-simply take a strip of felt and cut tiny vertical cuts into it all the way across. I used a running stitch across the top of this garland. 

Bow Garland
The bow garland was simple, too, and I did not take pictures. Simply make felt bows by cutting rectangles. Fold rectangles like a fan and then use a tiny rectangle of the same color felt to bind the fanned felt in the middle. Trim the edges with pinking sheers. Make enough bows (the same size) to create a garland. Glue the corners of the bows together with hot glue. 

After all the garland is glued on, cut out some Xs and Os from felt (2 pieces per letter) and use a blanket stitch around the edges to secure the pieces together. Simply hot glue the letters on top! 

I hope you enjoyed this Valentine Wreath tutorial!! 

Thanks for reading!!
and Happy Valentine's Day!!!


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