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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thanksgiving or Fall Tablescape

Hello! I feel like it's been forever since I've posted. Probably because it has. I'm sorry. I've had lots of school things going on and I've just been exhausted after school. It's just that time of year where I get really tired after work and just want to sit on the couch and do nothing. So I'm sorry. I have lots of ideas that did not get done for fall decorating and sewing. Hopefully Christmas will not be the same. My goal is to start scheduling in "creating time" so I will actually put my ideas and plans into action. Let's hope it works. I'm planning a wreath today. So get excited.
 Kroger had big bunches of fall flowers for $1.99 a couple days before Thanksgiving so I decided to make some flower arrangements. I've been dying to try the carved out pumpkin with a vase inside idea. 

 I just love these colors. I am always sad to see them go when we pull out the Christmas decorations. I love decorating for Christmas, but pumpkins and gourds might still be my favorite. 
 To make the pumpkin vase extra special, I simply added some lace trim on top of a strip of burlap and tied some twine around it in a simple bow. I secured it all with a few dots of hot glue. 
I did the same with the jar I was using. I used this vintage wide lace trim I had and glued it on first. Then I wrapped the twine around the middle several times and then glued some gold sequin trim to the middle. I just love decorated jars like this. 

I know no one needs a Thanksgiving or Fall tablescape now that the Christmas season is fully upon us, but I thought I'd share anyway. It was just too pretty. Have a wonderful day! 

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