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Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Craftiest Couple I Know Get Married!

Meet Kelly and Kyle, some of my most favorite friends and the cutest, craftiest couple I know. 
I have been a little MIA on the blog the past week because I was having a blast in Paducah, Kentucky last weekend and then I was catching up on sleep after the whirlwind fun time that it was. And what do you know, teaching summer school starts Monday. Whew.

Before getting on to things I'm making, I thought it would only be only appropriate to highlight some of the craftiness that is Kelly and Kyle and their beautiful wedding day. 
Kyle is an organic farmer so he creates beautiful things to eat every day. He is also a fabulous handy man who is building his and Kelly's home and has also built some awesome furniture. See more about that at the bottom of this post! 
Visit Johnson Farms here.
Kelly is so fun and crafty. She is always making something. Including this fabulous Corn on the Cob Halloween Costume,
and these George and Martha Washington costumes
this sweet little dress for her dog, and so many other things.
She was also once known as "The Fastest Knitter in Lexington" (Kentucky). Ha!

When it came to weddings, of course, it was expected that Kyle and Kelly's wedding would be beautiful and crafty!
 Creativity started out at the bridesmaids' luncheon where our artist friend, Annie had painted these gorgeous teacups and placed them on the table for our place markers. So sweet.
All the bridesmaids with their teacups!
 It continued on to the reception that took place in the backyard of Kelly's family's home. A Chalkboard Menu board made by Kelly' sister (designed by Kelly, of course).
Kelly's aunt and a friend of her aunt were once florists and did all the flowers at Kelly's home.

Kelly had been on a hunt for these blue mason jars forever. They were on every table and were beautiful.
The gorgeous gardens around the backyard done by Kelly's mom were perfect.
 For table numbers Kelly had matching frames with pictures of her and Kyle in them at that age.
 They didn't make these cakes themselves, but I just had to throw this awesome picture in here. 
Perfect groom's cake for Kyle, the farmer.

Kelly even made all her bridesmaids bags, survival kits, hair clips, and matching coin pearl earrings and necklaces! Seriously, woman.
Of course Kelly made this awesome Happily Ever After sign that hung over the head table at the reception. She also made one that I don't have a picture of that said "Just Married" that hung on the back of their getaway car that left the church. :)

A few of the many crafts I didn't get pictures of are the handmade headbands the flower girls wore and their baskets made by Kelly, the flower girl dresses sewn by Kelly's aunt, the beautiful ribbon coming off the front of Kelly's bouquet embroidered with a cursive J and all the cloth napkins at the reception embroidered with that same J all sewn by Kelly's mom, an enormous white wooden J that hung on their barn that you see when you drive into their driveway made by one of them, and the handmade jam by Kyle they gave out as favors. Crazy. Gorgeous. 

You can see beautiful (and professional) pictures of this wedding (including the crafts that didn't get featured here) on the photographer's website,

I've already told Kelly I'm hiring her and her whole family to do my wedding one day and we'll just go ahead and have it on their farm, too...ha.

 Not only are Kelly and Kyle crafty at making a fabulous wedding they're also completely rebuilding their own home. You can follow their adventures on their blog, Living the Dream Bungalow Adventures.
They've seriously taken a house that almost burnt down, gutted it, and rebuilt it from almost scratch
2010+390.jpg (1600×1067)
Before gutting
House+Ideas+014.jpg (1600×1067)
During gutting
and what it looks like now.

  It's absolutely incredible to me. 
They say one good way to stay inspired is to surround yourself with inspiring people, and, as you can plainly see, Kelly and Kyle (and family!!) are just that. 
Be sure to stop by their blog and see more progression on the house soon. It will be nothing short of awesome when it's all done.
Here's to my very good friends, Kelly and Kyle Johnson! 


Aleks Bee said...

I'm so impressed by these people I can't stand it. I love what they've done to the house, the before and afters are amazing!

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