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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Glitter and Lace on Kraft Paper Gift Wrap

I'm so excited to share my Glitter and Lace on Kraft Paper Gift Wrap tutorial with you. 
My Fancy Bows tutorial has been a HUGE hit on Pinterest, and I love love love wrapping gifts, so I thought I'd try to come up with some more fun ideas. Here's one for now! 

When I needed to wrap a few wedding gifts and was out of my usual wedding wrapping paper, I thought I'd whip up something fun instead of going to spend more money. I knew I already had a huge roll of Kraft paper I had bought to make table runners at Matt's grad party so I went with that. Using what you have is always better than buying new!!

There are SO many fun Kraft paper ideas out there like these...

but I wanted to put my own spin on it-which would, of course, include gold glitter. Because I love gold and who doesn't love glitter?! 

(Well okay... I know one person who doesn't- Mr. Lovie. He HATES glitter and was a little sad to say the least about the glitter I tracked all over our house during this project-oops. Do this outside if you can! Then you can just hose your porch/yard down. Ha)

 I know traditional wedding wrapping paper is white/silver, but I think the ivory lace on these helps to lighten up the darker look of the kraft paper. 
So fancy. :) 

Let's make some. 
I got a mondo roll of kraft paper at Lowe's, but it is SUPER thick and was a little difficult to use as wrapping paper. It was perfect for the table runners at Matt's Grad party, but a little thick for this use. It was fine, but just a little thinner paper would have been perfect. I've seen smaller rolls of this (and most likely, thinner paper more suitable for wrapping gifts) for sale at Target. 
Simply use a paint brush to paint a design in glue or Mod Podge. And then sprinkle on the glitter. I always have Mod Podge and it's a little thicker than glue so I like it better almost always.  
Dump off the excess glitter and you have your pretty design! You can never ever go wrong with polka dots in my book.
Wrap it up, tie some lace trim around it. Done. Love. 
My second favorite package was this fun curly loopy lined wrapping paper I made. I just simply alternated small and large loops. 

 I used a super fine glitter, which is beautiful, but it got EVERYWHERE. :) I mean glitter usually does, but whew. You might want to go with a less fine glitter since you'll be handling the package you wrapped. You don't want to be covered every time you pick it up. Glitter that is a little more coarse won't stick to your skin as much. 
I loved the idea of writing words, too! It turned out great - if it wasn't wrapped around a box. Ha. I should have made the words much smaller since once the paper was used to wrap, it didn't have the same effect I was going for. 
Still good, not great. I love this idea if you want to be patient enough to write small words. 

This was a super fun project (and free since I already had all the materials on hand!) and my gift definitely looked very different (and more fun!) than most of the gifts on the table at the wedding. This idea, of course, could be altered for any event you may need a gift for. 

Happy creating! 

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