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Friday, June 28, 2013

How to Follow Miss Lovie and How to Use Feedly and Bloglovin Readers

So if you follow blogs using Google Reader (or follow blogs at all), I'm sure you've heard that Google Reader is going away. And it's leaving soon!! Like this Monday! Eek! This means that if you receive updates from my blog and the rest of the blogs you follow via Google Reader or if you have subscribed to blogs via GFC (Google Friend Connect), you will no longer be subscribed to those blogs unless you do something about it. 

The good news is-you CAN do something about it....you just have to do it before Monday. After Monday, all the hard work you put into finding just the perfect blogs for you will be gone. 
Something that's super cool and convenient is that both Feedly and Bloglovin readers have made it very easy to transfer all your subscriptions to their reader. I've already made the switch to both and I've been trying them out. 

How to Follow Miss Lovie....
There are lots of ways to make sure you never miss out on a Miss Lovie post...you just have to decide which one is right for you! 
For those of you who don't use a reader, this may be a great way to ensure you don't miss a post! You will receive updates easily in your inbox! I follow waayyyy too many blogs to do this so using a reader makes more sense for me, but it's a good option for many people!

I've really enjoyed using Feedly. I like that you can change the layout, I love that I can organize my blogs into categories for a more organized way of reading, and I love that the social media icons are built right in making it very easy to share anything I find. You can even pin things to Pinterest directly from Feedly! Also, even though it's a pain to lose Google Reader, I'm pumped about not having to wait for things to load forever. Feedly is much faster than the old Google Reader. 
Bloglovin has been around longer than Feedly and is a very popular reader. It has a very simple layout, a clean look, and a great search feature that allows you to find blogs like the ones you already follow. It to has ways to categorize your blogs and is a lot faster than the old Google Reader. 

Of course, you can also follow me via social media. I usually try to update my statuses about anything I post on my blog. 

Now that you're following me in every way possible :), let's make sure the rest of your blog subscriptions get transferred over!

Not sure what subscription service to use? Yeah, me either. That's why I'm still trying both Feedly and Bloglovin. You can do that to. Do it NOW-before Google Reader is gone! 
When you click that link up there, you'll land on this page. Once you click that blue button, you're golden. Get ready to read away. 

When you click on that link, you'll land on this page. Just click that blue button up there, you'll be all connected to Feedly. So easy!

Oh! and they both have great apps to use on your iPhone and Android phones! 

If you read a substantial amount of blogs, using a reader really is the best way to go. It's free, and you can browse through all your favorite content quickly and efficiently. It's just like a facebook or a twitter "feed", except with blog content. So good. 

If you've never used a reader before, simply go to Feedly or Bloglovin', create an account and start adding your favorite blogs! 

Still confused or not sure about what you should use to read blogs?
Here are some more great posts on choosing and using the new readers: 


Thursday, June 20, 2013

Just Chains Necklace Tutorial

Happy Thursday, friends! It's that time again. Go check out 30 Handmade Days blog for this month's jewelry project! I am loving this Just Chains Necklace so much that I've worn it twice in 4 days since I finished it. Seriously. It's my new summer staple. Annnnnnd it's so easy. 
Click on over to see more pictures and to get the tutorial! I'd love to hear what you think!

My Favorite Things Thursday: 10 Fabulous Summer DIYs

Hello, friends! Welcome to today's My Favorite Things Thursday. I have rounded up 10 of my favorite summer-y DIYs from this past week.
This skirt looks like a perfect "throw it on and go" outfit piece. I probably need to make a few of these. 
Summer Essentials Kit by Autie and Jen at icandyhandmade
You won't believe what they used to make this cute little handy pouch. It's easy and cheap. My kind of project. 
Talk about a "throw it on and go" outfit. Easy going dresses are my absolute fave for summer! 
I thought this necklace (that you can make 3 ways) was too clever not to include. Go check out what she used as her materials. So fun. 
Elsie and Emma never disappoint. This cute little cacti planter makes me want to run to the plant store right now. 

Very informative! I have a few pots I'm not using right now because they don't have drainage holes. Now I know how to fix that problem! 
Love this simple summer idea. We can't have a fire pit because of city regulations and lack of space in the backyard, but I'd say this would work. Hello weekend.
Wow. This looks so refreshing and yummy. 
If apple pie doesn't scream summer, I don't know what does...except for maybe mini apple pies! 
The dressing for this salad has bacon in it. Yeah. Just go make it now. 

Thanks for reading!

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Miss Lovie Creations

And believe it or not, I actually made something that I'm going to blog about...I know it's been too long.

Here's a sneak peek. 
Check back soon! 

Thursday, June 13, 2013

My Favorite Things Thursday: 10 Favorite Fast and Easy Recipes

Hello and welcome to My Favorite Things Thursday!!
Today I thought I'd share with you my most favorite fast and easy dinners I use ALL. THE. TIME. Seriously some of these I kind of have memorized I've made them so much. The reason I make them so often is simple: they are easy, delicious, and pretty fast. I did not include side dishes here because I usually make some sort of steamed/cooked veggies with nearly every dish. 

Be sure to click over and read about how easy and delicious they all sound! 
This may be the best discovery I've ever made. This recipe is also crazy cheep. Orange Marmalade, a tiny bit of seasoning, and good chops go a long way. This is the perfect dinner to cook when you don't feel like cooking because it takes next to no effort at all. Love that. 
If you love salmon, stop what you're doing and go make this. It looks and tastes fancy, but it is super easy. I always get the "wow, this is really good honey" every time I make this. 
This is another great go-to recipe because all it takes is a few spices and sugar you already have in your pantry and some chops! Easy. If you don't know the Budget Bytes blog yet, get on there and explore. So many great ideas.
Mmmm. My mouth is watering just thinking about this one. I love pesto and chicken and cheese so this dish is my heaven. I usually make this to serve over rice. Kalyn's Kitchen is another one of my fave cooking blogs.
Um, can I just say that parmesan cheese should always on top of fish. Yum. I know a mayo crust sounds a little weird, but it's amazing, I swear. Again, this is so easy!! 
This Parmesan crusted fish dish is a little more healthy than the one above since it doesn't have the mayonnaise, but it's just as tasty. 
Hello comfort food. Easy and customizeable for everyone in the family. Yes.
Ok, so confession: this one is not as fast as the others since there is a little chopping involved, but its so good I had to include it. You won't be sorry you spent an extra 10 minutes on this one. 
I don't even like hamburgers really, and I love these. Everyone I've ever made them for does, too. I use the lean beef and whole wheat tortillas to make it a little better for us and they're still great.
This recipe is great for lunch or dinner. We like to pair these with sweet potato fries!!

I hope you enjoyed reading about my favorite recipes. Be sure to check out my Recipes Board on Pinterest for more!

Feel free to leave links to your favorite fast and easy recipes. I always need more!!
Miss Lovie Creations
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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Graduation Party Decor

I am one proud girl. My fiance graduated law school this May. He has worked incredibly hard and has stayed more focused than anyone I've ever seen throughout this whole process. 
Changing careers, moving two hours from where we're both from, spending lots of quiet evenings, weekends, holidays, etc. at home or the library studying will all pay off when Mr. Lovie passes the Ohio Bar Exam this fall and continues to practice here in Dayton shortly after! Then we'll get married. And then the fun starts. :) I'm so happy for him and so very proud. 

With all that being said, you may have figured out my reasoning for being so absent from the blog. Wedding planning, finishing out the school year with my kinder babes, moving to a new home, throwing a graduation party for our families and just other "life stuff" has kinda taken up all of my extra time. I really hope to be able to share much more with you this summer. I have a few really awesome jewelry tutorials I am dying to do, lots of sewing projects in mind, and, of course, plenty of diy wedding ideas on my list as well!! I know that my posting has been really sporadic, but I hope you'll stick around-I promise to make it worthwhile!

So back to the graduation celebration. I thought I'd share a few pictures. Our families live in different states than us and each other so we had never really gotten a chance to sit down and enjoy time together. I think it was a success! 
We cuddled a lot with this sweet little girl (Matt's niece), talked, ate (and then ate some more), watched the Kentucky Derby, and gave Matt high fives. 
We thew this party 2 weeks after moving into a historic home we're renting (that was in the middle of a couple renovations...) so it was a pretty crazy time. Major cleaning, organizing, and unpacking got done during those 2 weeks, and somehow the main area of the house was in decent shape for our guests! 

I made the table runner out of Kraft paper (purchased at a hardware store). I just painted some dots on it with paint from my stash and added a little ruffle to the bottom with a glue gun. The backdrop was made out of about 10 flattened moving boxes taped together with duct tape. I wanted the backdrop to be easy and CHEAP (because moving and parties are expensive) so I purchased some wrapping paper and wrapped the cardboard boxes. Since the boxes were free (thank you, school cafeteria) the backdrop was the same price as the wrapping paper. (yes!)

For the garland on top of the backdrop, I created some simple bunting with scrapbook paper, a paint pen, ribbon folded in half. I sewed the flags into the folded ribbon and done-easy banner! The tissue paper garland is my absolute favorite thing from this entire party, though. LOVE how easy it was and what an impact it makes. I used this tutorial, but I think I used 2 pieces of tissue at a time for a fuller tassel. I made a few tassels out of the kraft paper as well to tie in the tablecloth. 
 Using his law books as decorate the tables was a no-brainer. Easy, cheap, and a perfect theme. 
This pie was a beautiful centerpiece for the food table and the little flag bunting was so fun to make. I may or may not have made it while I was waiting for the pie to set in the fridge...Haha. 
Here' s the other table runner I made for the extra seating. 
 His school's colors were red and navy, but I made sure to incorporate that turquoise/ light blue color so I could use this torn fabric garland I made for his 30th birthday party last year. Matt told me to stop being such a hoarder when I said I was keeping it after the party last year, but see? I really did use it again!

I hope you enjoyed seeing the decorations from our little family party. 
I'll be linking up to my favorite parties on my sidebar.

Be sure to check back tomorrow for My Favorite Things Thursday

Thanks for reading!!

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