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Monday, July 30, 2012

EASY DIY Backyard Hammock

So last week's theme for SYTYC was "Let's Hear it for the Boys". Since I have no little boys in my life, I wanted to make something for the man in my life. :) 

Creating anything for boys or men in your life is super tough. I've made ONE thing for Matt ever before. Ha. This makes two things in 3+ years. This is an easy idea, though that everyone can enjoy...a backyard hammock! Hammocks are surprisingly SO easy to make so this sweet little getaway would be really simple to do! He can go just a few steps out our door and have a super comfy place to just relax.  You could even attach some hooks to your walls indoors and bring this getaway idea inside if you wanted to!
I used some nice home decor fabric to make the hammock because it was strong while also soft, and it was two-sided! I made some tree straps to attach the hammock to trees. They're extra long so you can attach them to the thinner trees like in this yard by wrapping the strap around the trunks a couple times or just once around larger trees. And look how wide it is!! Perfect. 
Oh, and you have to make sure you have to make sure to add a little table so you don't have to move or get up for anything you might need. :)
The pillows are made out of sturdy duck canvas. They're not really needed since the hammock is pretty comfy as is, but I thought they were a nice addition, just for fun.
 Here you can see the tree straps a little closer and the gathered ends of the hammock. I made four tree straps. Two for wrapping around the trees about 10 feet long and then 2 that were 2 feet long that were used to thread through the ends of the hammock so the hammock would gather. 
I attached both ends of the short tree straps to the carabiner and one end of the long tree strap that is attached to the tree to the carabiner as well. This is the easiest way I've seen to attach a hammock to a tree.(Be sure to use real carabiners that will support a person's weight!)  
Here's how the tree straps were attached to the tree. Simply loop the strap around the tree (a few times if the tree is thin like this one) and then slip one end through the loop on the other end of the tree strap and pull tight. 

If you want to make one here's a few more details! 

Materials Needed:
3 yards of canvas or home decor-type sturdy fabric
15 feet of 1 inch webbing 
matching thread
2 climbing carabiners

You will use the whole length and width of your three yards of fabric. Mine was almost 60 inches wide. Hem all edges of your fabric. 
 Then fold over the short ends of your fabric 5 inches, press and pin. 
 You will sew several lines on this fold to reinforce its strength. Sew the first line across about 1 1/2 inches from the folded edge. 
 As you sew, move your pins down so that they're already in place to sew your next line. Line the edge of your foot up with the last line you sewed in order to keep your lines straight and at an appropriate width away from the last line you sewed. I sewed about 7 lines on each end. 

And that's it for the hammock. Told you it was easy. :)
For each tree strap you will create loops like these above sewn down by sewing a boxed-in X. 
First cut the webbing into four pieces: for the short straps that are threaded through the ends of the hammock, cut two pieces about 2 feet long. For the long tree straps, cut the rest of webbing you have left in half. 

For each tree strap you make you will create loops on each end. 
To create the loop, fold the webbing over itself so that the loop is folded over 3 inches. Start sewing your box 1 1/2 inches down from the folded edge and all the way to the end.
I used this Sewing Tree Straps video to make sure they were strong enough. Basically you just sew a ton of lines on each box and X.

And that is seriously it for all of it. Follow the pictures and directions above to hang it and relax! If any of this didn't make sense, please let me know! :) Enjoy your new easy hammock!
It's definitely already a favorite spot at our house! Hope you love it!!

More on the results of last week's round of So You Think You're Crafty later. :)
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Kate Mills said...

Hoping this is the comment line for the Hammock's a little buried between the ads and under the links to other posts...
BUT...I had to say, on a personal note, this was the project I voted for, not even know it was yours! It had appeal for everyone, and everyone could make it. I had no interest in "little boy" projects, because my boy is 11. he'd love the hammock though, as would my hubby, my dad, every man I know, and most of the women. So there, they got it wrong...even though no one asked me :)

Pretty Things said...

SO miss having a hammock. Because I miss having TREES in this stupid subdivision. Sigh. But I can't have everything!

Misty @Creative Itch said...

I wish I was laying in that hammock right now!! What an awesome project!

Thanks for sharing @'Sew Cute Tuesday'. I'll be featuring you tomorrow, so be sure to stop by and grab a 'featured' button!

Unknown said...

I am def going to make one. Just for me. Lol I'm jk. I guess I'll let my husband use it too. ;-)
Thank you for sharing it with us.

Unknown said...

I am def going to make one. Just for me. Lol I'm jk. I guess I'll let my husband use it too. ;-)
Thank you for sharing it with us.

Elmershaus said...

This is an easy idea, though that everyone can enjoy...

Unknown said...

This is a great idea! How much canvas would you need if you wanted it to be a double?

Unknown said...

Sure you can. You only need
2 4x4 treated posts 10' long
3 or 4 bags of Quik-crete
2 heavy eyebolts

Dig 2 holes abou 12ft apart 3-4ft deep. Set posts with concrete and finish mounding dirt back around posts. Install eyebolts around 5' and go hang.

Unknown said...

I just made 2 hammocks and they turned out great. Thank-you so much wish I could attach a picture.

Unknown said...

This is so nice! I only have a small sewing machine, light weight.So Iam wondering if it works well with home decor fabric. Do you know? Thanks a lot!

Unknown said...

This is so nice! I only have a small sewing machine, light weight.So Iam wondering if it works well with home decor fabric. Do you know? Thanks a lot!

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